Pinterest Makes It Into The US Top 50

"pinterest on the up"For months the successes of Pinterest have been reported and the social media site has just hit another landmark entering into the US top 50 sites for September.

The social network that encourages users to pin items of interest onto boards, just scrapped into the top 50 sites in the US most visited during the month of September according to statistics from comScore Media Metrix.

According to the survey Pinterest registered 25,330,000 unique users in the US during the month of September ranking it at number 50 on the list.

In a blog post relating to the new statistics, Jeff Hackett, the comScore executive vice president said: “September also marked the first time that popular social media site Pinterest cracked comScores’s top 50 properties ranking as it surpassed 25 million visitors for the month.”

Google continues to dominate the comScore top 50 sites with a massive 186,607,000 unique visitors, far ahead of the second and third ranked sites from  Microsoft and Yahoo! with 166.759,000 and 163,568,000 unique users respectively.

Facebook was the number one ranked social network on the list and was placed at number 4 in the table with a total of 150,349,000 unique users out of the total internet audience for September which was registered in the US by comScore as being at 219,970,000.

The micro blogging site of Twitter was far further down the rankings and came in at number 27 for September with 36,829,000 unique visitors in the US.

With September marking the return to school for students and teachers across America it came as no surprise to the survey gatherers that educational sites saw a surge in popularity.

Jeff Hackett added: “Students and teachers were back in the classroom in September resulting in a surge in traffic to education sites that earned the number one spot on the top gaining categories chart.”

Meanwhile, some internet favourites including eBay, Wal-Mart and Wikimedia remained in the top 50.

Amazon was ranked at number six with 106,326,000 unique visitors during September in the US, eBay was at number 14 with 73,805,000 and craigslist was in at number 20 with 49,595,000.

Pinterest may still be a long way off the the top 20 in the survey but the entry of the site into the chart at all shows that it is quickly becoming an integral part of American users internet life.

Almost all the sites listed in the top 50 by comScore are very well established sites with notoriety around the world while Pinterest as the new kid on the block appears to be breaking into the difficult world of social media with great success.

Now not only is Pinterest becoming the retailers best friend, it looks like it is also becoming the social network users best friend too which can only mean that this is only the start of bigger things to come for Pinterest.


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