Pinterest Launches New Blocking And Reporting Tools

"pinterest reporting blocking"As the popularity of Pinterest grows so to do the number of people pinning questionable material on the site and to combat this Pinterest has launched new blocking and reporting tools.

Users on Pinterest are not able to post certain images onto the social network including any nude photographs, violent images or hate symbols.

Now users of Pinterest will be able to help the site police itself by allowing them to report or block users who violate the rules of Pinterest or post questionable pins.

Pinterest has a very clean cut image, perhaps because it is mainly women who use the site, however some images that do not conform to the Pinterest rules do manage to make their way onto the site and now the company are asking its users to help them eradicate these images through the reporting and blocking options.

Pinterest announced that they would not be letting questionable pins ruin the image of the site and it will now let users block other users, report a user for their activity or flag up specific pins that need to be investigated.

A blog post from Pinterest explained the new functions to users: “Pinterest is all about what inspires you.  That’s why it’s important that you have control of your Pinterest experience.

“We’ve always offered basic features to control things like the emails you receive, social networking sites you connect your account with, and the ability to report pins.  Today we’re adding a couple of new features people have requested to give you more control, including the ability to block and report a user and more granular email settings.”

Pinterest have made all the new features easy to use.  To be able to block a user all you have to do is hover over the small flag icon on the users profile then choose to block that individual.

By blocking someone you will be prevented from being able to follow each others boards, repin or comment on pins from each other.

Also on this menu system there is the option to report a users.  Any report will be sent to the community team at Pinterest fro them to then review the account.

Pinterest warned thought that as these options are very new users may not be able to see the new flags for a couple of days as the features are rolled out across the world but they do hope that the features will improve the overall Pinterest experience.

Danni Chu from Pinterest said: “We care about control because we understand it helps to personalise your experience on Pinterest.  We’ll keep working on improvements and tuning so thanks for taking the time to give us suggestions and we hope you’ll find these new settings useful!”

The moves to help to control the content on Pinterest comes after the tragic incident of a Canadian teen who committed suicide after cyber bullying.  The case brought the issue of unpoliced social media to the attention of people and politicians around the world who are now discussing the future of how to control social networks.



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    Corinne Edwards October 20, 2012, 1:12 pm

    One of my pins was blocked by someone I do not know.

    None of my pins would be objectionable in any way.

    Can you tell me why?

    Hope you don’t have a hacker on the site.

    Thanks -

    Corinne Edwards

    773 338 9070
    7619 N.Eastlake Terrace #E
    Chicago, IL. 60626


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