Pinterest Introduce Boards For Businesses

"pinterest business boards"It may seem strange that this has never been introduced earlier but Pinterest have now announced a feature to offer boards specifically for businesses.

Pinterest has now separated private users from businesses with different terms applicable for each of the two different types of users on Pinterest.

Cat Lee from Pinterest said: “We want to help more businesses provide great content on Pinterest and make it easy to pin from their websites.  Today, we are taking a first step towards that goal with some free tools and resources.”

Everyone knows that businesses have been using Pinterest to promote their products for some time, however until now this has not been in line with the terms and conditions of use of Pinterest.

Now these terms have been simplified and shortened by half to make it easier for people to understand and to keep within while using the increasingly popular form of social media.

Any business that has already been operating on Pinterest can simply convert their account from a personal one into a business account.

According to Cat Lee the process of converting an account into a business account is very simple.

“Signing up on our business site allows you to specify your business name (instead of first name and last name) and go through an optimised new user flow to help you:

  • Verify your website.  The verification badge helps people identify high quality sources of content and more easily find the business they want in search results.
  • Add new buttons and widgets.  Integrate the Pin It button, Follow button, Profile widget or Board widget to get more engagement from pinners and traffic back your site.
  • Access to upcoming features.  receive updates on future products and services that will provide more powerful ways of reaching and understanding your audience on Pinterest.”

The move to allow businesses to legally publicise their products on Pinterest will be welcomed by many as the site is already an increasingly important form of social media for driving revenue and sales through users.

Cat Lee concluded: “We look forward to seeing businesses continue inspiring their audience with amazing content.”

There is still no word however from Pinterest as to if the social media site has any plans to monetise commercial use of the site but with the pinning site becoming ever more important in driving revenue to sites it seems this could be the next development from Pinterest.


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