Page Rank does Matter

"Page Rank does Matter"A question which is often asked by internet marketers of all levels is if page rank does matter or not. It seems that every man and his dog have an opinion on this subject, some people will say it is extremely important whilst others will be of the opinion that it page rank doesn’t mean anything and is not worth bothering about.

To answer the question though, anyone who has a website or blog with a high page rank will more than likely be receiving more traffic so that more or less answers the question, doesn’t it? Whatever you may think, Google is the daddy when it comes to search engines and they seem to be on a mission to ensure that to receive a high ranking in the search engine, a website or a blog has to be of the highest quality.

Now before you say that this is not always the case and there is some absolute rubbish which seems to have made its way to the top of the rankings, don’t forget that there are literally millions of blogs and websites out there and that Google is slowly but surely ensuring that only the best are rewarded with high search engine rankings, hence the so called Google slaps which are being implemented all of the time.

Page rank does matter in that it is an indication of how Google rates a website and many different factors are taken into consideration and exactly what is needed to reach a good page rank has been the source of heated conversation between internet marketers for many years and will no doubt continue to do so.

Certain factors definitely apply though with the most notable one perhaps being the quality of the content which the blog or website contains, the length of times that the visitor stays on the website along with the number of incoming links from other websites.

It could be argued that page rank is not as important as it once was but the very fact that so many internet marketers hold it to be so important surely negates that argument. It could also be said that the people who do not agree that page rank does matter are actually the once who Google have over looked when it comes to giving a high ranking and there is nothing like sour grapes to influence someone’s point of view, is there?

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