P Is For Passive Income

"P Is For Passive Income"We are all looking for a way to make as much money as possible while exerting as little effort as possible. When you start out in the Internet marketing industry, you will put in a lot of hours and do a lot of hard work in order to establish your business and generate your income. However, one of the beautiful things about this business is that, over time, you can actually start to generate a passive income.

A passive income refers to an income that you receive that requires you do to little or no work in order to acquire it. With a passive income, you can take a few days off or go on holiday and still earn money. You can even stay in bed and earn money while you sleep. In other words, with passive income, you don’t have to do any active work in order to get paid. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? I know that some of you who are just starting out in this industry may think that a passive income is even too good to be true, but let me reassure you; it’s not.

If you are interested in making a passive income, here are some ways that you can make very real income without having to do much work at all to maintain that income:

  • Sign up with an affiliate program. With an affiliate program, you team up with another Web site to sell products and services. You can either sell the products and services of the other Web site, or the other Web site can sell your products and services. Either way, with affiliate marketing, you will earn money each and every time a sale is made – be it from your Web site or from the site you are linked up with.
  • Write an eBook. Ebooks are all the rage in Internet marketing these days, and for good reason; they are fairly easy and low cost to create, and they are a great way to generate a passive income. You can write an information eBook about a topic you are familiar with (preferably, one that pertains to your niche,) put it up for sale on your site and make money each and every time someone purchases a copy of the eBook.
  • Selling advertising space. If you have a high ranking Web site, you can make a residual income by selling advertising space on your site. People will pay you a monthly fee to put up an advertisement for their business on your site, and you collect the income for the advertisement every month.
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