Online Customer Service And Why I HATE It

"Online Customer Service And Why I HATE It"So yesterday I contacted Aweber because there was a problem with my Aweber account and ended up getting what felt like an automated message from this guy called Bob. Through two different emails he never even answered my question and even suggested that even though I had my account for 8 years I didn’t know how to use it.

And it was only when I got the automated request asking me how the customer service went and I said it was pretty damn bad that I actually got a half decent response.

But it makes you wonder why customer service can be so bad and why it always feels that either they take way too long to answer your emails or they send you automated messages.

I have even seen messages come through from companies where it leaves a space for them to add the customers name and they have failed to do it.

I just thought as an online business owner that we were past the automated messages that were such a big thing with eBay or when you were selling on Paypal.

And even though there are some bad ones out there I have also found that the modern companies are offering fantastic customer service. Fiverr and Amazon stand out a mile and it makes me glad that I am doing business with both of these companies.

Just reminds me of another reason why Amazon is so far ahead of eBay and I am proud to be an Amazon affiliate.

But the question I always end up going back to is whether or not its worth standing with a company that has bad customer service?

Well I will remain an Aweber customer because I very rarely need their customer service and because their product is quality.

Though I did sack my accountant at the end of last year because after a month she STILL hadn’t responded to my emails!!!

And it makes me want to ask whether or not we have a right to good quality customer service? Or is it a case that we hide under emails and ask people cant just come into reception or ring us up without been dragged from one telephone operative to another.

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    Lori July 20, 2013, 11:03 pm

    It’s good to know these things. We all experience good and bad and to someone who’s been scammed already it’s even better to be aware of these things. I’ll be doing business with these companies and I’ll keep this in mind.


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