Offline Businesses and Twitter

"offline businesses and twitter"Twitter is a powerful communication tool that companies can use to increase brand awareness and gain customers. With more than 465 million users, this social network plays a key role in your marketing campaign. Twitter allows business owners to monitor conversations in real time, boost search engine visibility, and break through communication barriers. If you operate an offline business, you can use this micro blogging platform to find out what your customers are saying about your brand and promote your products to your target audience.

Here are a few simple ways to use Twitter for your offline business:

Create an Account

The first step in using Twitter is to sign up for a free account. Add a short description of your business, provide contact information, and upload a picture. Be human and personable.

Make a Plan

Before you start using Twitter, plan your special media strategy. Think about who you are targeting, what you want to achieve, what you want your followers to do, and how you will measure results. Developing an action plan is a good way to define your goals.

Listen to Your Audience

Understanding the needs of your customers is a major component to Twitter success. Diving into social media marketing with the assumption that you know what your audience wants is a recipe for disaster. Always keep in mind that Twitter is designed for conversations, not advertising. Listen to your followers, reply to comments, and request feedback.

Create a Conversation List

Twitter allows users to create conversation lists. You can keep these lists private or go public with them. A conversation list helps to organize people based on your interests and personal preferences. Create lists of customers, industry influencers, marketers, and competitors.

Share Your Expertise

Post original thoughts on your industry. Share tips related to your business. Report industry news and link to articles published on well established sites. Share your expertise to build credibility and make your customers trust you. Twitter is a real time information network that you can use to connect with your audience and establish yourself as an authority in your field.

Run Special Deals and Promotions

Offline businesses can use Twitter to reward customers and run special deals. If you are following the right people, they should be interested in your offers, right? A real estate agent can tweet price drops and new homes on the market. A grocery store can tweet seasonal items and specials. A restaurant can tweet happy hour specials and daily offers.

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