Offline Advertising VS Online Advertising

"Offline Advertising VS Online Advertising"Being that the world is so driven by the World Wide Web these days, there has become a big debate in the business world: Which is more advantageous for a business; offline advertising or online advertising? Being that this has become such a debate, in this post, I am going to put the two up against each other in order to compare and contrast them. After this comparison, you can be the judge of which type of advertising is better for a business.

Offline Advertising

  • Types. There are several types of offline advertising. Some of the most popular forms include newspaper and magazine advertisements, mailers, posters and billboards.
  • History. Offline advertising has been in existence, well, since the beginning of business. Offline advertising is the way that businesses have been reaching customers for generations; and this form of advertising has certainly had a profound impact on the business world. There is no denying this.
  • Benefits. The old saying goes, ‘What isn’t broke doesn’t need fixing.’ When speaking about offline advertising, this is certainly true. Magazine and newspaper ads, billboards, posters and the like have been reaching large audiences for generations. These types of advertisements can reach a more targeted audience. For example, a beauty ad in a women’s magazine will certainly reach the audience that it is intended for.
  • Cons. This type of advertising can be costly and wasteful. You can spend tons creating ads, and these ads may be tossed in the trash, without so much as a glance.

Online Advertising

  • Types. There are also several types of online advertisements; banners, emails, newsletters, blog posts, status updates and the like are all forms of online advertising.
  • History. In the grand scheme of advertising, online advertising is relatively new. It began when the Web really started taking off, but it is safe to say that its popularity has skyrocketed.
  • Benefits. Since so many people use the Web for every aspect of their lives; business, pleasure, information, etc; online ads can reach a really broad audience. They can also be less costly than their offline counterparts.
  • Cons. While online ads can be more cost effective than offline ads, they can still cost a good bit. They may also not be able to reach your targeted audience, which may counteract the entire point of these ads.

So, you be the judge. Which type of advertising do you think is best for a business to use?

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