Obsessing with Google PageRank

"Obsessing with Google PageRank"In know that I have said it so many times before, and I say it because it is true; Google is one of the most important search engines out there and your standing with them can really influence the success of your business. This statement, however, by no means should indicate that you should become with your Google PageRank. While yes, your ranking is important, if your website doesn’t have a top ranking PageRank, you don’t need to start looking for a new career.

Allow me to clarify. I hear about so many people obsessing over their PageRank, to the point that they will stop at nothing to get a good one. What a lot of marketers don’t know, however, is that there are two different types of PageRanks – and the one that I see everyone being so uptight about and biting their nails to the bone about is the toolbar PageRank, which really doesn’t have too much of an impact on your business. Here is why:

  • The toolbar PageRank is constantly being computed. This means that the numbers are constantly changing. When you check the toolbar, you may see a site that has a PageRank of 2, when in actuality, it can have a PageRank of 4.
  • What you are seeing is just a toolbar PageRank update. What does this mean? It means that Google uses many more signals to determine their ranking. You may see a site that has a lower PageRank sitting above a site that has a higher PageRank. When you see this, you may become confused, but that is because of the many different signals that are used to determine an actual rank.
  • Your PageRank does not determine your final standing with Google. What this means is that your PageRank is just one component of many that determine your standing with Google. Just because you may have a lower PageRank (that you can see on the toolbar, anyway,) does not mean that your site is in despair. There are so many other components that go into determining your actual standing.

So, now that this has been cleared up, I strongly urge you to stop obsessing over your Google PageRank. Instead, spend your time more wisely; for example, make sure that your site is high quality, is easily searchable, etc. Spending your time in this way will bring you better success at the end of the day.

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