No More Google On New Apple iPhone

"No More Google On New Apple iPhone"

Apple have shown off their latest iPhone but the new iPhone is minus two Google apps, highlighting an ongoing battle between two of the worlds most powerful companies.

The new Phone from Apple no longer contains the maps and YouTube apps from Google, two of the most popular apps usually found on an iPhone.

By removing the Google apps analysts see this as a move by Apple to further distance themselves from Google while also increasing the rivalry between the two companies.

Maps are essential apps on smartphones with many people using these maps on a daily basis.  By using maps companies can also make extra money by targeting localised advertising to people as they check in to different places.

Location based advertising is a huge money maker and it is not just Google and Apple who want a piece of the action, other industry giants including Amazon. Yahoo and Nokia are all also fighting for a slice of the mapping money.

Scott Rafer from the city map maker apps Lumatic, told the NY Times: “If you own a mobile ecology, as Google does, the other mobile ecology owners are not going to allow you to own tons of data in their world.

“And so neither Apple not Amazon were going to let Google know where every one of their users was at any time.”

Maps account for around half of the traffic from mobile phone users for Google with half of the smartphone users using Google maps accessing this information using their iPhone.

Not only will losing iPhone users on their maps app be harmful for Google revenue the company also relies on local searches for around 40% of their traffic making it core to their business.

The only real losers in the battle between Apple and Google appears to be the users of iPhones.

Currently the Apple map app has been described as “laughable” with errors making it both difficult to use and inaccurate in some places.

It is hoped that by removing the Google maps Apple will now dedicate more time to developing their own mapping service to make it more user friendly.

This latest snub from Apple towards Google is just the latest in a long line of problems between the two companies that in the past had worked well together.

Earlier in the year Apple and other phone makers that use Google Android software sued each other with Apple and Samsung being the most high profile leaving Apple with a reward of $1 billion after a patent trial against Samsung.

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