BNP Leader Defends Twitter Comment thumbnail

BNP leader Nick Griffin has chosen to defend a comment he made on Twitter which used a derogatory term to describe Catholics. He said that although he used the term "fenian" in a Tweet that he made he did not aim it at Catholic people and he would not be withdrawing his remark made on […] Read More

New York Stock Exchange Looking To Twitter And Facebook To Spread Information Instantly thumbnail

The New York Stock Exchange will be exploring the use of different forms of social media including Facebook and Twitter in the future. Those working on the New York Stock Exchange will be using Twitter and Facebook as a way to find buyers and sellers for certain different stocks at the end of the day. […] Read More

“Twitter Boss Still Fighting For Users Privacy”

Twitter boss Dick Costolo has said he will continue to fight legal battles to protect the privacy of its users. Speaking at the annual Online News Association's conference in San Francisco Dan Costolo said that he and Twitter would continue on in their fights to protect their users when it came to legal cases asking […] Read More

“Twitter Promotion Backfires For Supermarket”

A plan to promote the Waitrose chain of supermarkets backfired spectacularly when Twitter users used the opportunity to write tweets that were less than complimentary about the stores. Waitrose supermarket took to social media sites to ask people to complete the phrase: "I shop at Waitrose because..." Instead of receiving flattering tweets from shoppers Twitter […] Read More