“twitter music app”

Twitter have announced that they will be launching a new application for the micro blogging site allowing users to interact with music while using the social media platform. The exact details about the new Twitter music app are still unclear but what is clear is that Twitter are looking to use the micro blogging site […] Read More

“woman found through twitter”

A woman from Belfast in Northern Ireland credits Twitter as being the saviour when it came to finding her mother who suffers with Alzheimers and had been missing for nine hours. According to a report by BBC News Joanne Mehaffey used Twitter as a way of communicating the message that her mother had gone missing […] Read More

“social network crimes”

Sex crimes connected to Facebook and Titter have risen by more than 400% in the past four years according to new research. Since 2009 the number of people using social media sites to commit a sex related crime has gone up from 139 to a massive 614 each year and worryingly the number of reported […] Read More

“twitter revenue”

It looks like Twitter has finally managed to harness the popularity of the micro blogging site to create some very impressive advertising revenue with predictions pointing to $1 billion in advertising coming to Twitter in 2014. According to a report by the research company eMarketer it will be mobile adverts that will be key to […] Read More

“twitter france court”

Students in France are to sue the micro blogging site Twitter for £32 million after Twitter failed to release the identities of the people behind anti-Semitic tweets. A report by the AFP says that the Union of French Jewish Students are to now sue Twitter with a law suit filed in Paris.  The students claim […] Read More

“bbc hack”

The BBC have reported that several of their twitter accounts have been hit by hackers calling themselves the Syrian Electronic Army. According to a report by the BBC several of their Twitter accounts were hacked including the weather, Arabic and Radio Ulster feeds. Some time on Thursday afternoon a series of tweets claiming to be […] Read More

“twitter opinion”

New research has found that while Twitter has become a great place to find out what people are saying about a subject it actually generally does not reflect the opinion of the general public. Research from the Pew Research Chamber has found that often what Twitter users are tweeting about is not in line with […] Read More

“twitter users face jail”

Several Twitter users who posted photographs of a man they claim to be one of the killers of James Bulger, John Venables, are now possibly facing time in prison. According to a report by Sky News a top legal adviser has launched a case against Twitter users who posted the photos that they said showed […] Read More

“burger king twitter”

The Burger King official twitter feed has become the latest target from hackers with the twitter feed from the global fast food chain being compromised. Yesterday the official picture on the Burger King Twitter feed was changed by hackers in the afternoon with a message posted on to the Twitter feed of the company reading […] Read More

“twitter mobile survey”

Twitter have conducted a survey about the users of the micro blogging which has revealed that their users are on average more engaged with brands than other forms of social media. The survey focused on the mobile audience of Twitter, an area where the social media platform has recently excelled where other social networks have […] Read More