“twitter taxes uk”

The UK arm of the worldwide micro blogging site Twitter has reported profits of under £100,000 for the past year in the UK leading to questions being asked about the veracity of the tax returns from Twitter. It is being predicted that when Twitter is finally floated on the stock market in New York that […] Read More

“twitter news”

Twitter will now have to reveal the  identities of people who posted racist and anti-Semitic posts on Twitter following a ruling by a court in Paris. The ruling comes after appeals from Twitter failed in France to protect the identities of the people behind the Tweets. The High Court in Paris told Twitter in January […] Read More

“ITV twitter hack”

ITV, the British broadcasting company, have become the latest victims of hacking to their Twitter account with it being believed that the breach in the account was down to the same group who earlier in the year hacked other influential accounts. It is believed that anonymous supporters of the president of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, are […] Read More

“spoiler app”

American teenager Jennie Lamere has created a piece of software to prevent people from seeing spoilers about their favourite films and TV shows and this inspired piece of coding has won her the title of "best in show" at a hackathon being held in Boston, US. 17 year old Jennie Lamere spent around 10 hours […] Read More

“tweet deck”

Twitter have confirmed that they have shut down the company Tweetdeck Limited after it failed to file accounts with the British authority Companies House. According to a report by the British newspaper the Telegraph, the firm was struck off as a company after Companies House issued several warnings to the company that they needed to […] Read More

“twitter security”

British newspaper The Guardian, have become the latest victims of a Twitter hack and the team at Twitter have now taken the opportunity to warn all news agencies to tighten their Twitter security against the possibility of a hack. The attack on The Guardian is the latest from a group known as the Syrian Electronic […] Read More

fake twitter followers

Researchers in Italy have announced that they have found evidence that celebrities and public figures have very suspicious follower growth on their Twitter accounts suggesting that these accounts may be buying followers to inflate their Twitter status. Previously the same group of researchers told how they had found that there is a growing market for […] Read More

AP Twitter Account Hacked

AP Twitter Account Hacked thumbnail

The Twitter account of the Associated Press was the latest victim of an attack by hackers with a Tweet being posted on the feed of the AP claiming that President Obama had been injured in a bomb attack. The Tweet was posted on the AP Twitter feed on Tuesday just after 1pm ET and stated: […] Read More

“twitter mixtape”

Micro blogging site Twitter have launched their new #music app for users of the service to be able to share and keep up to date with the latest releases from artists. The new app for Twitter users will recommend new music based on the artists that they follow on Twitter with this new app being […] Read More

“pinterest talk”

The founders of Twitter and Pinterest were joined by a host of tech executives including founders of Evernote, Skype and Android to give advice to businesses people in Japan. The special forum was aimed at showing people in Japan how they can move forward with business to develop the economy of the country that has […] Read More