Social Media

“online bullying”

Social media sources such as Facebook and Twitter have been found to be the places where people are most likely to be subjected to online bullying and trolling. A study by found that the people most likely to be a victim of online bullying were 19 year old males and the survey found that […] Read More

“pinterest for business”

Pinterest is the third largest social media website after Facebook and Twitter. Anyone can become a member. This pinboard-style photo sharing site no longer requires an invitation to register an account. Statistics show that Pinterest receives over 1.36 million visitors every day. Users are able to "pin" or "like" pictures, share content, and build relationships. […] Read More

“social media classes”

School children in Wales are to be taught about social media and to learn about how to protect themselves from potentially damaging posts and tweets that could affect their future in employment. The pilot scheme is being trialed in Wales with lessons teaching pupils about what sort of posts to avoid and giving warnings about […] Read More

“Facebook news feed”

Facebook have just launched a new look news feed making the social network appear more consistent across all different platforms and introducing topic specific options for the feed. The changes by Facebook have only just been brought in so the opinion of the more than 1 billion users is yet to be known but what […] Read More

“twitter opinion”

New research has found that while Twitter has become a great place to find out what people are saying about a subject it actually generally does not reflect the opinion of the general public. Research from the Pew Research Chamber has found that often what Twitter users are tweeting about is not in line with […] Read More


A father in Northern Ireland has failed to have his 13 year old daughter banned from Facebook by a High Court judge. The father of the school girl wanted his daughter to be banned from Facebook after she posted inappropriate pictures of herself on the site, however his efforts have been rejected and legally he […] Read More

“twitter users face jail”

Several Twitter users who posted photographs of a man they claim to be one of the killers of James Bulger, John Venables, are now possibly facing time in prison. According to a report by Sky News a top legal adviser has launched a case against Twitter users who posted the photos that they said showed […] Read More

“burger king twitter”

The Burger King official twitter feed has become the latest target from hackers with the twitter feed from the global fast food chain being compromised. Yesterday the official picture on the Burger King Twitter feed was changed by hackers in the afternoon with a message posted on to the Twitter feed of the company reading […] Read More

Facebook Targeted By Hackers

“facebook zero day attack”

Facebook have confirmed that they were the target of a sophisticated cyber attack yesterday (Friday) which they believe came from China. The social networking site said that hackers had recently infiltrated computers of some of its employees, although no user date was compromised assured the company. An official statement from Facebook said: "As soon as […] Read More

“twitter mobile survey”

Twitter have conducted a survey about the users of the micro blogging which has revealed that their users are on average more engaged with brands than other forms of social media. The survey focused on the mobile audience of Twitter, an area where the social media platform has recently excelled where other social networks have […] Read More