“Loving Facebook Sponsored Stories: Have You Signed Up For Them Yet?”

FaceBook is one of our favourite social media platforms that we use to promote our Internet marketing business, as well as our other online business ventures. There is no denying the amazing power that FaceBook has on the effect of an online business, and we have certainly seen the impact of this form of social […] Read More

Facebook may have become the first social network to boast one billion users globally but the company is struggling to convince investors of its value when it comes to creating real revenue. An earnings report from Facebook is due to be released later today, the second since it became a public company, and Facebook is […] Read More

Facebook Founder Zuckerberg Encourages Businesses To Think Big thumbnail

The founder of Facebook and one of the most well known names in the technology world, Mark Zukerberg, spoke about what got him started in the industry and what made him successful at a small conference in the US yesterday. Around 1,700 people packed into the Stanford Memorial Hall to be able to listen to […] Read More

Facebook Used To Support Accused Marines thumbnail

A Facebook page to support the seven marines accused of murder has been set up and already has more than 38,000 likes. The Facebook group has been set up in support of the seven marines who were arrested on suspicion of murder following an incident which occurred in Afghanistan last year. The group was set […] Read More

Friends Use Facebook And Electronic Means To Contact Friends Rather Than Traditional Methods thumbnail

Research has found that more and more friends are using social media such as Facebook and other forms of electronic communication to interact rather than traditional methods such as face to face meetings. A report published in the Daily Mail newspaper found that the average adult sends 140 text messages, has 72 Facebook interactions and sends 40 emails a […] Read More

New Facebook Feature To Rival Pinterest thumbnail

Facebook have announced a new feature on their social networking site that they hope will rival the commercial power of the increasingly popular Pinterest. At the moment the new feature on Facebook is only in the testing stages but the new "want" button from Facebook will work in a similar way to their existing "like" […] Read More

Facebook Hits 1 Billion User Mark thumbnail

Facebook has become the first social media network to boast one billion users around the world. While Facebook has seen the number of users setting up accounts in both the US and UK reach a plateau the social network has still seen users increase in other parts of the world and now has one billion […] Read More

No Need For Clicks Says Facebook thumbnail

Facebook has announced that advertisers on the site gain new exposure simply from users seeing their advert and not only from those who opt to click on an advert. Brad Smallwood from Facebook sent a press release through the Interactive Advertising Bureaus MIXX Conference stating that new data from the company has found that people […] Read More

Social media experts have spoken of the importance of the tool in solving crimes after the case of Jill Meagher in Australia. Melbourne based social media expert Kristen Boschma told the Australian newspaper, The Age, that the level of interest about Jill Meagher case on social media was "unprecedented other than natural disasters in Australia." […] Read More

New York Stock Exchange Looking To Twitter And Facebook To Spread Information Instantly thumbnail

The New York Stock Exchange will be exploring the use of different forms of social media including Facebook and Twitter in the future. Those working on the New York Stock Exchange will be using Twitter and Facebook as a way to find buyers and sellers for certain different stocks at the end of the day. […] Read More