Facebook User Loses Job After Posting Photo thumbnail

American woman Lindsey Stone has found herself at the centre of a controversial row on Facebook after she posted a picture of herself making an inappropriate gesture while at the Arlington National Cemetery. Lindsey Stone worked for LIFE Inc and has handed in her resignation following the scandal according to a report by the Herald. […] Read More

Is This The End Of Facebook User Democracy? thumbnail

Facebook have announced changes to their policy allowing users to be able to vote on changes made to the social media site with the move being cited as the end of user democracy on the site. The announcements from Facebook could limit the control that users of Facebook have over changes in the social network. […] Read More

Facebook Could Slow Slightly As Security Measures Are Rolled Out thumbnail

Facebook have warned users that the site may be responding a little slower than usual as the social media giants roll out new security measures for users. According to a report by TechCrunch, Facebook have been working on improving the infrastructure of Facebook for the past two years and now the company are finally ready […] Read More

Businesses Now Able To Track Sales On Facebook thumbnail

Social media giant Facebook have begun to offer retailers the chance to be able to track the purchases of Facebook users who have seen adverts posted by businesses on the site. The new feature has been brought in to try and prove to retailers the success that adverts on Facebook have and that adverts really […] Read More

Uncertain Times For Facebook As Further Shares Go On Sale thumbnail

Investors in Facebook are preparing themselves for possible tumbling prices in shares as millions of shares go on sale today. This will be the largest number of shares to be made available for the market since the company went public back in May this year and will see a total of 804 million shares becoming […] Read More

Popular Facebook Users More Likely To Act On Impulse thumbnail

New research has found that Facebook users who are popular on the social network are more likely to act on impulse. A study by Kieth Wilcox, an associate professor at Columbia University and Andrew Stephen, an associate professor at the University of Pittsburgh, has found that Facebook users who receive lots of likes on posts […] Read More

Twitter And Facebook Users Asked to Fall Silent For Remembrance Sunday thumbnail

Users of social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are being asked by the Royal British Legion in the UK to fall silent for two minutes on Sunday to mark Remembrance Sunday. The Royal British Legion has launched a campaign to raise awareness of Remembrance Sunday and is encouraging social media users to observe […] Read More

Facebook Shares Fall As Employees Sell Their Stock thumbnail

Facebook has seen the price of its share fall by a massive four percent with even the employees of the company being found to be selling off their shares. Yesterday Facebook finished the day down 3.49 percent with the stocks in the social media company falling by 83 cents. The troubles with Facebook seem to […] Read More

Father Who Posted Pictures Of His Toddler Bound And Gagged On Facebook Cleared Of Unlawful Restraint thumbnail

A father who posted photos of his 22 month old onto Facebook, showing her while she was bound and gagged, has been cleared by a court in the United States of unlawful restraint. The father, named as Andre Curry by the Chicago Tribune newspaper, from Chicago was heard in a county court by Judge Lawrence […] Read More

A 105 Year Old Woman Claims To Be The Oldest Facebook User In The World thumbnail

A 105 year old great, great grandmother is claiming to be the oldest Facebook user in the world, although the site has not officially recognised her age because it does not allow anyone over the age of 101 to enter their date of birth currently. Maria Colunia Seguar-Metzgar is the 105 year old woman who […] Read More