“Facebook news feed”

Facebook have just launched a new look news feed making the social network appear more consistent across all different platforms and introducing topic specific options for the feed. The changes by Facebook have only just been brought in so the opinion of the more than 1 billion users is yet to be known but what […] Read More


A father in Northern Ireland has failed to have his 13 year old daughter banned from Facebook by a High Court judge. The father of the school girl wanted his daughter to be banned from Facebook after she posted inappropriate pictures of herself on the site, however his efforts have been rejected and legally he […] Read More

Facebook Targeted By Hackers

“facebook zero day attack”

Facebook have confirmed that they were the target of a sophisticated cyber attack yesterday (Friday) which they believe came from China. The social networking site said that hackers had recently infiltrated computers of some of its employees, although no user date was compromised assured the company. An official statement from Facebook said: "As soon as […] Read More

“twitter mobile survey”

Twitter have conducted a survey about the users of the micro blogging which has revealed that their users are on average more engaged with brands than other forms of social media. The survey focused on the mobile audience of Twitter, an area where the social media platform has recently excelled where other social networks have […] Read More

“facebook like button”

Facebook could be heading to court as legal action is taken against the social media giants with a company claiming that Facebook have been using the Like button and other features illegally. A patent holding company is acting on behalf of a dead Dutch programmer, Joannes Jezef Everardus van Der Meer. These patents, formerly held […] Read More

“facebook gift card”

Facebook have launched a new gift card for users, however upon closer inspection the card is actually incredibly confusing about how it can actually be spent. Wired.com looked closely at the terms and conditions surrounding the Facebook card and found that it was easy to buy but very difficult too stop. It is clear to […] Read More

Twitter Vine Users Unable To Contact Friends Through Facebook thumbnail

The rivalry between twitter and Facebook has taken a new turn with the latest twist to the sage coming with Facebook stopping Twitter users from contacting friends on the social network through the new Twitter Vine app. Vine is a new video sharing application from Twitter but after only a day of being available Facebook […] Read More

“children on facebook”

Parents are being blamed for the rise in the use of Facebook by underage children and are being asked to monitor the online activity of their children more closely. According to a report by the British newspaper the Daily Mail more than 34 percent of children between the ages of nine and 12 have a […] Read More

“google boss against facebook”

The war of the internet giants continues this time with Google boss Larry Page stating that he believes that Facebook is "doing a really bad job on their products". The comment was made during an interview which saw Chief Executive of Google, Larry Page, talking to Wired Magazine. The interview was published during the same […] Read More

Facebook User Numbers Fall As Social Network Site Reaches Saturation Point thumbnail

The number of users accessing Facebook in the UK fell in December with analysts pointing to the site reaching saturation point as the reason for the dip in the number of people using the social networking site. According to SocialBakers, a firm that monitors and measures the level of traffic using social networks for advertisers, […] Read More