“facebook survey”

A new study which has looked at the interests and likes of one million Facebook users has found that there are very distinct patterns in what people tend to like and be interested in at different ages but the one big difference the study found was that men and women find topics interesting at very […] Read More

“waze facebook”

Rumours are circulating about the possibility of Facebook potentially buying up Waze, a mobile traffic map, for a cool $1 billion which has left many people wondering why Facebook are so interested in this map. The Waze map uploads information from different users to allow people to know about traffic problems in their local area. […] Read More

“facebook stalking”

An ex-girlfriend used Facebook to set up a false page and frame her former boyfriends new girlfriend for stalking. A report in the British newspaper the Daily Mail details how a woman from Michigan is now facing criminal charges after it is alleged she set up a Facebook account where she effectively "stalked herself". The […] Read More

“facebook salary”

The number of users on the worlds largest social network has been shown to have fallen in the major markets of the UK and the US. A report in The British newspaper The Guardian showed figures fro the analyst firm SocialBakers and these figures show that the number of Facebook users in the UK has […] Read More

“facebook home”

The latest app from Facebook for Android devices has seen 500,000 users download the app in the first five days since its launch. Facebook Home was launched for Androids on April 16 and has already reached this important milestone in app download numbers but while for many these numbers seem impressive it is hard to […] Read More

“safety online”

Facebook have announced that they will be working with attorney generals in the US to help to educate young people about online safety. Facebook announced today that they will be working together with 19 attorney generals on a campaign to let people know about the dangers that can be online and how to protect themselves […] Read More

“ads facebook”

Facebook will be looking at the activity of users offline as well as online to be able to target advertising more specifically to users. The new feature from Facebook has been revealed as being called Partner Categories and will see Facebook working with consumer data companies Acxiom, DataLogix and Epsilon. The data companies specialise in […] Read More

“facebook phone”

Facebook may have more than one billion active users but the company does not look like it is resting on it laurels with the news that the social media giants are planning on working with HTC to create its very own Android smartphone. The news about the partnership has not yet been made official by […] Read More

“social network crimes”

Sex crimes connected to Facebook and Titter have risen by more than 400% in the past four years according to new research. Since 2009 the number of people using social media sites to commit a sex related crime has gone up from 139 to a massive 614 each year and worryingly the number of reported […] Read More

“child porn facebook”

Users of Facebook have reacted in disgust to video allegedly showing a young girl being sexually abused by an older man which was posted onto the social media network. The clip, which has now been removed by Facebook, received a massive 16,000 shares by users on Facebook and 4,000 likes but has left many users […] Read More