“facebook relationship status news”

Facebook is known for being the one place in the world where you possibly share too much information about yourself and with so many pictures, shares, interactions and messages passing through the social network each day with just a single user it is no surprise to find that this data can be manipulated to find […] Read More

“facebook tending news”

Social media giants Facebook have introduced a new "trending" feature on the site to allow users to see easily the hot topics that relate to them. The tending feature of Facebook is currently only available on the desktop version of the social media site but it is thought that if it proves to be popular […] Read More

“facebook privacy news”

Facebook is under fire once again regarding privacy of its millions of users with claims that the social media network has been monitoring private messages sent by users within the network. A class action suit has been launched against Facebook alleging that Facebook is monitoring the content of private messages and links that are posted […] Read More

“internet spying news”

Google and Facebook have teamed up with other technology giants in the industry to call for an end to spying on the public by the NSA. Google, Facebook, Twitter, AOL, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple and LinkedIn have all formed an alliance together to try and halt the spying on of the public by the US government […] Read More

“facebook new features”

Social media giants Facebook have announced that they intend to trial the automatic playing of videos on the news feeds of users. The new feature from Facebook will see any videos on the news feed of a user running automatically, although they will not feature any sound unless the video is clicked on directly by […] Read More


Sheryl Sandberg, the second in command at the social media giants Facebook has been found to have sold off a massive $91 million worth of stock in the company. For the very first time since Facebook floated its stock on the market the value has actually rise above the initial floatation price with stocks now […] Read More


This is the time of year that sees people all around the Northern hemisphere taking a summer break and while they may have left their televisions behind with the bad weather at home, it is hard to spot a person on the beach this year who is not checking their Facebook or Twitter feed.  The […] Read More

“facebook for every phone users”

The Facebook for every phone app now boasts a massive 100 million users around the world and has been credited with enabling phone users in developing parts of the world to have faster and better access to the internet with less sophisticated phone handsets. The Facebook for every phone app was designed to be used […] Read More

“social media FOMO”

Social media is now more than ever part of everyone's daily lives but it seems that an increasing number of people are finding it hard to switch off from social medial leading to cases of FOMO - the Fear Of Missing Out. A survey from MyLife.com of over 2,000 adults in the US found that […] Read More

“messages facebook”

A new system to send private messages through Facebook could see the worlds largest social media platform taking on Google. It is being rumoured that Facebook will be launching a new way for users to send private messages that will see it becoming quicker and easier than ever to send a private message to another […] Read More