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Pinterest may be the new kid on the block when it comes to social media giants but the company has grown enormously in the past couple of years to become a craze in itself.  Not content with taking the web by storm, Pinterest are now looking to revolutionise the world of online advertising and are […] Read More

“twitter in china news”

Could Twitter be actively trying to break into the Chinese market?  Well, a trip by Twitter CEO Dick Costolo to the county has sparked a wave of speculation about the future of Twitter in the county and whether one day the social media network may be able to access the some 600 million internet users […] Read More

“pinterest transparency report news”

Pinterest has become the latest social media network to reveal a transparency report with the offering from Pinterest showing the number of requests that the site has received in the past six months from state and federal government agencies is much lower than other social media platforms. While other reports have shown that it is […] Read More

“etsy workers news”

Etsy is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the world of online retail and social media as the company goes from strength to strength online and new data has revealed that it is also a great company to work for with employee satisfaction at more than 80 percent. The positive feel of […] Read More

“twitter mood research”

New research that analysed tweets sent from countries all over the world suggests that the content of our Tweets not only reflects our moods but also shows distinct patterns across the world with the moment we wake up being seen as the happiest time of day for most people. Conventionally it is always thought that […] Read More

“facebook relationship status news”

Facebook is known for being the one place in the world where you possibly share too much information about yourself and with so many pictures, shares, interactions and messages passing through the social network each day with just a single user it is no surprise to find that this data can be manipulated to find […] Read More

“pinterest update news”

Pinterest have revamped their mobile app to allow users a smoother experience while accessing the social media site from their mobile devices. This is no ordinary update of software according to Pinterest it is a "complete rewrite and redesign" of the mobile app and is intended to allow more integration of the features found on […] Read More

“twitter shopping news”

According to a detailed document stating information about the future of Twitter with a new business partner have been leaked and show that the company could soon be harnessing the power of its more than 200 million users in the very near future. It is being reported that very soon twitter users could be […] Read More

“facebook tending news”

Social media giants Facebook have introduced a new "trending" feature on the site to allow users to see easily the hot topics that relate to them. The tending feature of Facebook is currently only available on the desktop version of the social media site but it is thought that if it proves to be popular […] Read More

“pinterest trademark news”

The growth of Pinterest as a global force in online social media has come across a major bump in the road with the company struggling to trademark its name in Europe. In the past year the popularity in Pinterest has rocketed, not only in the US where it was first based, but also across Europe […] Read More