“messages facebook”

A new system to send private messages through Facebook could see the worlds largest social media platform taking on Google. It is being rumoured that Facebook will be launching a new way for users to send private messages that will see it becoming quicker and easier than ever to send a private message to another […] Read More

“linkedin for online business”

LinkedIn has been creating buzz on the Internet for many years. With over 200 million members, the world's largest professional network offers lots of benefits for small and large businesses alike. Whether you want to promote your business, increase website traffic, or recruit top candidates for your company, LinkedIn can help you achieve your goals. […] Read More

“ITV twitter hack”

ITV, the British broadcasting company, have become the latest victims of hacking to their Twitter account with it being believed that the breach in the account was down to the same group who earlier in the year hacked other influential accounts. It is believed that anonymous supporters of the president of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, are […] Read More

“facebook survey”

A new study which has looked at the interests and likes of one million Facebook users has found that there are very distinct patterns in what people tend to like and be interested in at different ages but the one big difference the study found was that men and women find topics interesting at very […] Read More

“uk governemtn questions google”

Only days after breaking the $900 share price mark Google are now facing problems once again in the UK as government ministers challenge the internet giants over how they have been declaring their income in the country for tax purposes. According to a report by the BBC the chair of the Public Accounts Committee, Margaret […] Read More

“google share prices”

Google have seen the value of their shares break the $900 barrier for the first time making the internet giants worth a staggering $300 billion. The milestone came today when the company saw a two percent rise in the value of their shares pushing the total value to $906. The huge share price was just […] Read More

“waze facebook”

Rumours are circulating about the possibility of Facebook potentially buying up Waze, a mobile traffic map, for a cool $1 billion which has left many people wondering why Facebook are so interested in this map. The Waze map uploads information from different users to allow people to know about traffic problems in their local area. […] Read More

“spoiler app”

American teenager Jennie Lamere has created a piece of software to prevent people from seeing spoilers about their favourite films and TV shows and this inspired piece of coding has won her the title of "best in show" at a hackathon being held in Boston, US. 17 year old Jennie Lamere spent around 10 hours […] Read More

“tweet deck”

Twitter have confirmed that they have shut down the company Tweetdeck Limited after it failed to file accounts with the British authority Companies House. According to a report by the British newspaper the Telegraph, the firm was struck off as a company after Companies House issued several warnings to the company that they needed to […] Read More

“facebook stalking”

An ex-girlfriend used Facebook to set up a false page and frame her former boyfriends new girlfriend for stalking. A report in the British newspaper the Daily Mail details how a woman from Michigan is now facing criminal charges after it is alleged she set up a Facebook account where she effectively "stalked herself". The […] Read More