“real life pinterest”

Social media platform Pinterest has taken a step into the real world in New Zealand with the countries first life sized Pinterest event taking place at a shopping centre. Pinterest is known as being a place where people can gather inspirational images into one place and then pin them onto boards.  Pictures are linked to […] Read More

“amazon abuse e books news”

Amazon, the online retailing giant, has taken the step of removing e books for sale on its site with abuse themes. According to a report by the BBC Amazon has removed books with titles such as "Taking My Drunk Daughter" from its Kindle store following a report which highlighted the number of titles available from […] Read More

“twitter shares”

Twitter, the hugely popular micro blogging social media site is looking like becoming one of the most valuable companies in the world if projections on buy prices are to be believed. News reports are predicting that the share price of Twitter stock could potentially double in the first year of it being listed on the […] Read More

“instagram hotel”

The hotel is being dubbed the first Instagram hotel in the world bu the 1888 hotel in Sydney is using the popularity of Instagram to encourage guests through the doors of the unique hotel. The hotel, with its innovative design and decor, has been called the most Instagramable hotel in the world making it the […] Read More

New Logo For Google Unveiled

New Logo For Google Unveiled thumbnail

Google have begun to roll out a fresh new look and logo for their homepage, although the changes have been slightly underwhelming for many who have found it difficult to even see a difference in the logo for the hugely popular search engine. For those who have the new logo on first glance it will […] Read More

“facebook new features”

Social media giants Facebook have announced that they intend to trial the automatic playing of videos on the news feeds of users. The new feature from Facebook will see any videos on the news feed of a user running automatically, although they will not feature any sound unless the video is clicked on directly by […] Read More

“amazon phone”

The online retailer Amazon have announced that they will not be offering free smartphones for their customers following a frenzy of news stories over the weekend stating that when the online giants release their own smartphone onto the market that it could be free. Before the weekend it was reported that Amazon had plans to […] Read More


Even only a decade ago it would have been hard to imagine people all over the world using an auction site to buy and sell their goods in their millions but eBay has grown into one of the largest sites in the world and the online auction site has now revealed the most popular items […] Read More


Online marketplace Fiverr have announced that the site has hit the two million mark with two million gigs now having bee registered on the site. This was a real cause for celebration for those behind Fiverr mainly because the site has come a long way in the past year.  Only last year the site celebrated […] Read More


Online giants eBay are using their knowledge about how customers shop and are now transferring this to the high street to allow shop assistants to be able to tailor the shopping experience of each customer that walks in through the door. When customers go online to eBay to buy a product the company already has […] Read More