“pinterest trademark news”

The growth of Pinterest as a global force in online social media has come across a major bump in the road with the company struggling to trademark its name in Europe. In the past year the popularity in Pinterest has rocketed, not only in the US where it was first based, but also across Europe […] Read More

“facebook privacy news”

Facebook is under fire once again regarding privacy of its millions of users with claims that the social media network has been monitoring private messages sent by users within the network. A class action suit has been launched against Facebook alleging that Facebook is monitoring the content of private messages and links that are posted […] Read More

“twitter message hack”

One former employee of a pub in the UK has used the Twitter account of the pub he used to work for to vent his frustration at the company. The pub at the centre of the Twitter scandal is the Plough in Oxfordshire with bosses at the pub claiming that they had no choice but […] Read More

“internet spying news”

Google and Facebook have teamed up with other technology giants in the industry to call for an end to spying on the public by the NSA. Google, Facebook, Twitter, AOL, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple and LinkedIn have all formed an alliance together to try and halt the spying on of the public by the US government […] Read More

“yahoo review 2013″

Yahoo! has revealed its 2013 year review with the top search engine results shown to be a surprising mixture of celebrity news and information with the top searched for phrase on the search engine for 2013 being "Royal Baby Name". The Yahoo! review gives a unique insight into what people around the UK have been […] Read More

“ebay beckhams donation”

Victoria and David Beckham will be using eBay to help raise money for victims of Typhoon Halyan by auctioning off personal items of clothing from each of their collections. The generous couple, who are known for their fashion sense and style, have already donated many items to a local British Red Cross charity shop in […] Read More

“google bing search engine news”

 Google and Microsoft have agreed to use their search engines to make it more difficult for child abuse images to be found on the internet. Following calls from the British Prime Minister David Cameron now both Google and Microsoft have brought in new measures to stop more than 10,000 search terms from returning results that […] Read More

“pinterest topshop news”

British high street fashion retailer Topshop are hoping to cash in on the popularity of Pinterest this coming Christmas. Topshop have just launched their new Pinterest campaign which is known as "Dear Topshop" and the marketers behind the campaign hope that keen Pinterest users will enjoy creating their own ultimate Christmas wishlist through Topshop. Topshop […] Read More

“twitter advert news”

Experts are predicting that Twitter users may launch their own backlash against the micro blogging site if future plans to target every business on the globe for advertising go ahead by Twitter. Twitter have revealed that they intend to "target every business on the planet" with their new advertising campaign but it is feared that […] Read More

“ebay speedy delivery news”

Online auction site eBay have announced that they are to buy Shutl with the company then hoping to be able to provide customers in the UK with a one hour delivery service. Already eBay offer clients in some parts of the United States the chance to buy an item and then have it delivered to […] Read More