Internet Marketing

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Landing Page thumbnail

There's no better way to increase your return on investment and boost conversions than by improving your landing page. Slow load times, poor quality text, and bad design are just a few challenges. With all the money spent on search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising, many marketers forget that the most important factor that determines […] Read More

Internet Marketing Jobs On The Rise thumbnail

It used to be the case that blogging was something you did in your spare time but a new report suggests that an increasing number of people are now turning these skills in to full time internet marketing jobs. According to a report by the website InternetmarketingCoaching, data compiled from new jobs online has shown […] Read More

Mercedes Looks To Twitter Users For New Campaign thumbnail

A new advertising campaign by Mercedes will be harnessing the power of Twitter to try to encourage younger consumers to buy the high end cars. According to Mercedes, the multimillion pound campaign launched on Twitter will be the first in the world where Twitter users will decide the the plot for the Mercedes advertising campaign. […] Read More

Brazil is proving to be a battle ground for football clubs not only on the pitch but also online as different clubs fight for supremacy with their Internet marketing campaigns. Football clubs are able to use their internet marketing techniques to target their millions of fans and it is becoming an essential source of income […] Read More