Google Shares Slump After Results Are Mistakenly Released thumbnail

Google saw 20 billion US dollars being wiped from its share prices after a mistake led to quarterly results being released early. The shock fall in the price of shares for Google was so large that it led to Wall Street itself being shaken. Quarterly results from Google were released early by the company by […] Read More

Google Told To Revise Privacy Policy thumbnail

Watchdogs in the EU have told Google that they need to revise their privacy policies. The company has been told that they need to make information about what data the company has been collecting clearer and to also reveal why they have been collecting this data. The request has come since Google consolidated 60 privacy […] Read More

Google Working With Samsung On New Nexus Tablet thumbnail

Google is now reported to be working on a new Nexus tablet with their technology partners Samsung. According to reports the new tablet from Google and Samsung will be 10 inches in size and will have a great screen resolution than the current iPad. Richard Shim from DisplaySearch told the technology site CNET that the […] Read More

Google Ahead Of Microsoft In Value thumbnail

Google has become the second largest technology company in the world and overtaking Microsoft for the first time. The rise of Google in comparison to Microsoft comes at a time when internet capabilities have made the need for traditional computer software. The change in position in the markets came as Google closed up one percent […] Read More

Iran To Create Its Own Google

Iran To Create Its Own Google thumbnail

Officials in Iran have declared that they will be creating their own local version of Google after banning the Google G-mail email service last week. The ban on Google has come in response to the anti-Islamist film, a film which was distributed on the Google owned YouTube video sharing site. Already G-mail had been banned […] Read More

“google apps”

Google have celebrated 25 million app downloads by offering customers the chance to buy up apps for just 25 cents. Apps continue to grow in popularity with Android users and now Google is hot on the heels of their biggest rival, Apple. Google made the announcement on Wednesday and immediately also unveiled their special offer […] Read More

No More Google On New Apple iPhone thumbnail

Apple have shown off their latest iPhone but the new iPhone is minus two Google apps, highlighting an ongoing battle between two of the worlds most powerful companies. The new Phone from Apple no longer contains the maps and YouTube apps from Google, two of the most popular apps usually found on an iPhone. By […] Read More

Google Buys Up Instagram Rival

“Google Buys Up Instagram Rival”

Google will be hoping that their input will help push Snapseed up the popularity tables and will give the market leader Instagram a run for their money. Vic Gundotra, the senior vice president of engineering at Google wrote a Google + post announcingĀ the buy out of Nik Software by Goggle. He said: "Today I'm excited […] Read More