“racism google”

A study into Google results has found that the search engine produces results with a "racial bias" depending on the name that is put into the search engine. Professor Latanya Sweeney, a Harvard professor, said that when names which are more associated with black people were put into the search engine that Google would be […] Read More

“ec google case”

Google have presented a set of suggestions to the European Commission on the final day of the deadline set by the EC. Google was asked to respond to the chief  of the European Commissions antitrust - Joaquin Almunia with the deadline for a submission from Google about the way that it operates being set as […] Read More

“google boss against facebook”

The war of the internet giants continues this time with Google boss Larry Page stating that he believes that Facebook is "doing a really bad job on their products". The comment was made during an interview which saw Chief Executive of Google, Larry Page, talking to Wired Magazine. The interview was published during the same […] Read More

US Ruling On Google Will Not Affect European Investigation thumbnail

Allegations that Google gives prominence to its own service within search results have been dismissed in the US but the European Commission has said that this finding will not affect their own investigation into the company. Earlier in the week the US Federal Trade Commission found that Google had done no wrong with the FTC stating […] Read More

Google Maps return To iPhone

Google Maps return To iPhone thumbnail

Google maps are back on the iPhone and they are now better than ever for Apple users with features previously only available for Android users now available on iPhones. Apple were at the centre of criticism earlier when they released the new iPhone 5 with their own maps service on the phone.  This Apple map […] Read More

Google Top Searches of 2012

Google Top Searches of 2012 thumbnail

Google have released their top searches of 2012 showing what the world was searching for throughout the year and what the most popular subjects were. Bing, Yahoo and Ask have already released what their top searched were for 2012 but the world's largest search engine, Google, have only now divulged their statistics into what was […] Read More

Google Now To Charge Small Business For App Tools thumbnail

Small businesses who have previously taken advantage for free App tools from Google will now be facing a charge of $50 a year for the services. The charge over a year is not actually a large one but will have an impact on many small businesses around the world who are struggling to keep up […] Read More

New Look Google Gmail for iPad And iPhone thumbnail

A new version of Google Gmail has been released by Google to be used on iOS devices of iPhones and iPads. The new look Gmail now has a new user interface, fresh animations and is also capable of having multiple accounts for users on Apple products. The 2.0 version of Gmail has been in development […] Read More

Google Under Fire From British MPs Over Tax Payments thumbnail

Google has been named as one of the international companies operating within the UK that is paying little to no corporation tax. Google, Amazon and Starbucks have all been labeled as "immoral" by a committee of MPs from the UK who have said that these companies  use complex methods and structures to avoid paying any […] Read More

Google Indoor Maps Now For Web Too thumbnail

Google have introduced indoor floor plans and maps that are now available for users on the web as well as for Google Android users. The heavily detailed indoor floor plans of various buildings in the United States and selected other countries have been available for Google Android users for a year and now this amazing […] Read More