“google share prices”

Google have seen the value of their shares break the $900 barrier for the first time making the internet giants worth a staggering $300 billion. The milestone came today when the company saw a two percent rise in the value of their shares pushing the total value to $906. The huge share price was just […] Read More

“google glass”

Hackers have revealed that the new wearable computer from Google, Google Glass, can be easily hacked allowing hackers access to private and sensitive information and the potential to control the device as you wear it from a remote location. A Santa Barbara based programmer has found that the lack of PIN or authentication system on […] Read More

Complaint Filed Against Google by Microsoft thumbnail

The dominance of Google in the mobile market is being challenged by Microsoft and other companies as it files a law suit against Google with the European Commission. The law suit centres around the fact that Microsoft believe that Google is "pushing" its services such as YouTube and Google Maps onto mobile devices running with […] Read More

“google home delivery”

Could it be that Google are now looking to take on the internet shopping giants of Amazon and eBay, well if their new home delivery service proves to be successful it looks like Google will be giving the online shopping giants a run for their money. A new trial by Google has seen the company […] Read More

“rss google”

Google are to shut down the RSS News feed service offered by the company in July this year after the number of users was found to have declined. While Google may feel that the RSS News feed service is no longer worth investing in it seems that many people are not of the same opinion […] Read More

“google shares”

Google is known for being one of the technology giants in the world but the company is set to reach new heights with the stocks for the company ready to break the $1,000 barrier. Stocks for the company have been rising recently with the price reaching an all time high on Friday of $831.52. Anyone […] Read More

“google grandparents”

Google has become an integral part of most people's lives with the search engine being used on a daily basis by millions of people looking for answers from where to buy specific items to information and news.  A new survey has now shown that this reliance on Google has replaced traditional sources of information for […] Read More

“google map break up”

A Russian woman has called off her engagement to her fiance after she saw him with another woman while looking at the Russian version of Google maps. According to the Russian news organisation, Life News, 24 year old Marina Voinova was using the map service which is similar to Google Maps to look at her […] Read More

“google chrome operating system”

A new Google Chrome operating system designed for touchscreen machines is set to be revealed at an event today in San Francisco. According to media reports Google are ready to show the world the Google Chrome operating system that has been specifically designed to be used on touchscreen machines including tablets. The release of the […] Read More

Updated AdWords From Google

“adwords google”

Google have updated their AdWords network in a bid to be able to target smartphone and tablet users. It is predicted that the number of people using Google to search on tablets and smartphones will increase dramatically in the coming months and is soon to take over from searches on laptops and PCs.  With this […] Read More