“google robotics news”

Online giants Google have purchased the UK based company DeepMind, reportedly for a massive $400 million. DeepMind is a UK based start up company that was founded by a neuroscientist Demis Hassabis with his partners Shane Legg and Mustafa Suleyman and is a company that specialises in making artificial intelligence machines using algorithms. The purchase […] Read More

“internet spying news”

Google and Facebook have teamed up with other technology giants in the industry to call for an end to spying on the public by the NSA. Google, Facebook, Twitter, AOL, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple and LinkedIn have all formed an alliance together to try and halt the spying on of the public by the US government […] Read More

“google bing search engine news”

 Google and Microsoft have agreed to use their search engines to make it more difficult for child abuse images to be found on the internet. Following calls from the British Prime Minister David Cameron now both Google and Microsoft have brought in new measures to stop more than 10,000 search terms from returning results that […] Read More

New Logo For Google Unveiled

New Logo For Google Unveiled thumbnail

Google have begun to roll out a fresh new look and logo for their homepage, although the changes have been slightly underwhelming for many who have found it difficult to even see a difference in the logo for the hugely popular search engine. For those who have the new logo on first glance it will […] Read More

“search engine warnings”

Google have refused to sign up to a new alert system that would see people being presented with an online warning if they type any term into the search engine that could be linked to images sought after by paedophiles. The internet giants Google have been accused of not trying to help prevent images of […] Read More

“google rss reader news”

Fans of the Google RSS reader will now have to look for an alternative as the service is shut down today by Google. The announcement from Google that the RSS Reader came back in March this year with the company blaming a decline in the number of users of the service for them taking the […] Read More

“google street view news”

The authorities in the UK have ordered Google to delete any information that it gathered without the permission of wi-fi users in the UK within 35 days or else they will face criminal proceedings. Google have been found to be in breach of privacy laws while undertaking Street View data collection and if the global […] Read More

“waze google”

Reports around the world are claiming that internet giant Google have been the winners in the race to buy the GPS navigation service Waze, beating off competition from both Facebook and Apple who were reportedly also hoping to purchase the company. Israeli newspaper reports have stated that the Israel based technology firm Waze have been […] Read More

“messages facebook”

A new system to send private messages through Facebook could see the worlds largest social media platform taking on Google. It is being rumoured that Facebook will be launching a new way for users to send private messages that will see it becoming quicker and easier than ever to send a private message to another […] Read More

“uk governemtn questions google”

Only days after breaking the $900 share price mark Google are now facing problems once again in the UK as government ministers challenge the internet giants over how they have been declaring their income in the country for tax purposes. According to a report by the BBC the chair of the Public Accounts Committee, Margaret […] Read More