New WordPress 3.5 Gives Users New Tools

"wordpress"The new WordPress 3.5 version has been released with the new features offering users an enhanced blogging experience on the content management system.

Firstly the new 3.5 version offers users  a new way to manage their media on the site.

The media manager replaces the old version that used to pop up when you clicked on the insert/upload button and has been designed to save time for users by reducing the amount of clicks that you need to perform to be able to upload your media and place it into the correct place and with the right links within the post.

One of the biggest bonuses of the new media manger is that you can now upload many different images at the same time, thus saving a lot of time in uploading.

As well as the new media manager for WordPress there is also a new theme available for users, Twenty Twelve.  This theme has been available for users of for some time but now all WordPress users can access this very popular and easy to use theme for their blogs and sites.

The new WordPress version also allows users to link more easily with Tumblr allowing users to post Tumblr posts into WordPress directly making it easier to share information across different platforms.

As well as a better link with Tumblr users can now also embed Soundcloud, Slideshare and Instagram into their standard versions of WordPress, once again increasing the ability to share items across multiple platforms.

As well as the shiny new features of the WordPress version 3.5 there are also many changes that have been made to the back end of WordPress to make the entire experience smoother and easier to use.

WordPress powers around 17 percent of all the sites in the world and changes that have been made to it affect a huge number of people globally.

So far the response to the changes has been largely positive but there are still some glitches in the new version that are being ironed out by the clever people at WordPress.

Some WordPress users are said to be waiting to for the new version to be problem free before installing the upgrade while others are more than happy to start using this new improved version of an old favourite.


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