New Want It Option For Pinterest Users


A new want it button is now available for Pinterest users allowing users the opportunity to tell businesses want they are wanting to buy.

The new service being launched by Ubokia is seen as the missing link between the users of Pinterest and commercial businesses.

Currently Pinterest is a fast growing network for sharing which was used by 29 million people in July to share images of the things that they love, not necessarily things that they are looking to buy, however the new want it button will allow any users who do want to buy their pin access to businesses who may sell this item.

The Ubokia want it button allows users to download the button into their browsers toolbar and then use it whenever they see an item that they think they would like to buy without having to leave the Pinterest site to do so.

By pressing that you want something you put out a “want it” notice to all retailers monitoring Pinterest and allowing them to come back to you with suggestions of where to buy the item or a similar one in some cases.

However, the Ubokia want it button is still in the early stages and although Pinterest are aware of what the company is doing they are not working directly with them to generate any links between those who want and those who wnt to sell.

Without promoting the service it is yet to see how successfully the service can be for people.

Pinterest has grown in size as users access the site to find different things that they are looking for but there has never been a direct way to link buyers and sellers.

Mark Pine from Ubokia said: “The Ubokia “Want It” button for Pinterest brings together the elegant and powerful visual discovery of Pinterest with the power of the Ubokia want-centric marketplace.  It creates a totally new way to find and buy things people love.”

He added: “Now a buyer can describe what they want with a picture and have sellers compete for their business.”

Ubokia is hoping that the want it button will transform the e-commerce market place throught the use of Pinterest with sellers being able to contact buyers directly with offers on items that they know they are looking to buy and buyers being able to see al the possible prices for the item they want.

Time will tell if this is one of the greatest marketing ideas of all time or if it will instead not appeal to the millions of Pinterest users who already enjoy the format of the network.


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