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Twitter has announced a new partnership with the survey company Nielson to be able to measure brand opinion on the microblogging site.

Twitter is hoping to be able to increase advertising revenue on their site by asking Twitter users to complete surveys while on the site.

Users on Twitter who take part in a survey will see the results being sent to companies who will be looking to tailor advertising campaigns and promotions to the users responses.

Twitter is unique in only allowing users 140 characters per tweet and while this has been instrumental in allowing quick and punchy tweets to go out across the world it has also limited the functionality of the service in commercial terms.

Most advertisers do not want to be limited to only 140 characters, however the new survey option on the microblogging site has been created to hopefully overcome the problems for potential advertisers.

The survey tool created by Nielsen is aiming to be a simple service that most Twitter users will be able to use easily.

The survey will work by posting messages about surveys in line with their own tweet timeline and it is here that the Twitter users will be able to complete a survey if the choose to.

If users agree to completing an advertisers survey then they then simply click that they agree and will then progress on to complete the survey within Twitter and will not redirect the users out of the Twitter site.

Users of Twitter on both desktop and mobile devices will all be able to take the surveys within their Twitter account.

A statement from Twitter said that the surveys will be used as a tool for determining “purchase intent, overall awareness, and other advertising metrics and analytics that can lead to great engagement.”

Further details about the new Twitter survey service have yet to be released however Nielsen appear to be involved in carrying out the data analysis collected from the surveys.

The service is currently only being used by a small number of partners in the initiative but Twitter are supposedly looking to open up the survey option to other brands next year.

Twitter will be hoping that this new option for advertisers will go some way to harnessing the popularity of the microblogging site with funding through advertising.

Advertising options do already exist on Twitter but are still not nearly as popular as those used on other platform, especially Facebook.

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