New Social Media Platforms Appealing To Teenagers

"social media teenagers"The popularity of social media networks such as Facebook appears to be dwindling among teenager users who may still have accounts with the site but are opting for other forms of networking far from the prying eyes of parents and teachers.

According to research from the Pew Research Centre more than three in every four teenagers in America have a mobile phone and use online social networking services such as Facebook.

While Facebook is known throughout the world there is increasing anecdotal evidence to suggest that teenagers are increasingly turning to apps that their parents aren’t so familiar with including Snapchat and Kik Messenger.

Parents are increasingly fighting a losing battle with many saying that their tech savvy children and teenagers are able run rings around their parents leaving parents not knowing what their children are doing online and through different social media.

Facebook is used by people of all ages making it a place where teenagers feel they are being monitored at all times so this is why more teenagers are turning to other forms of social media.

Snapchat is increasingly popular and is number 10 in the iPhone apps chart.  It has been termed as the “sexting app” because the text messages, photos or videos that you send to another person self destruct after 10 seconds.

Many teenagers also use Instagram to create images that are posted to their social media networks and while this a very tame version of social media parents have admitted to not knowing that their teenagers even have accounts with the photo sharing app.

Numerous cases have arisen in recent years of teenagers falling victim to bullying via social media networks and this has left parents worried about how to protect their children from online bullying – especially when they are unsure even what social media accounts their children even have.

One mother told Fox News that the biggest problem facing parents who wanted to monitor the social media of their teenagers was that the parents felt like they were invading the privacy of their children.

She said that by monitoring what your children are doing online not only can you see what your children are up to online but it is also an important lesson to remind children that nothing that they do on social media sites is totally private.

Parents who want to know what their children are doing online need to take a proactive response to the situation and to also make sure that they educate their children about how to behave online and when actions are inappropriate and need to be reported to an adult.


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