New Messenger Service For Facebook

"facebook messenger service"A new messenger service for Facebook could mark the beginning of the end for traditional text messages with the new service being easier than ever to be able to use and access.

Facebook have announced that they have launched the newest version of their Facebook messenger service today but now the service is so easy to use it only requires users to input their phone number and their Facebook account name.

With more than one billion users Facebook is the furthest reaching social network in the world and is now part of many peoples daily lives.  The latest version of Facebook messenger promises to build on the use of Facebook as it already is and to try to increase the number of people who use Facebook as a means of sending direct messages to other friends on the social network.

The messenger is now available for all Android smartphones and will potentially allow people to be able to send free messages to other friends, depending on their data plan and package or access to free Wi-Fi networks.

Because of the ease of access to the service through Android phones experts are anticipating that this could have a huge impact on the number of text messages that are sent by phone users.

Currently text messages are a paid for service within phone contracts around the world but the free Facebook service could mark the end of the popularity of text messages which have recently celebrated 20 years since they were first introduced.

The new app works by connecting a users phone directly to their phone account through the phone number and Facebook name alone.

Depending on the success of the Facebook messenger update it could now become a real contender to  rival other services including the Blackberry messenger service from RIM, Apple iMessage and the ever popular WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is currently the largest cross platform messaging service and boasts around 250 million users worldwide but the new Facebook messenger service will be available not only on Android models but also on the Blackberry and on the iPhone making it a real contender to be the largest messaging service in the world.

A statement about this latest development was posted by Facebook stating that “Messenger accounts will become available over the next few weeks.  The feature will be available first on Android in Australia, India, Indonesia, South Africa and Venezuela and roll out globally in the coming weeks.”

A date for when the messenger services will be available in the UK or the US has yet to be announced.




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