New Look News Feed Launched By Facebook

"Facebook news feed"Facebook have just launched a new look news feed making the social network appear more consistent across all different platforms and introducing topic specific options for the feed.

The changes by Facebook have only just been brought in so the opinion of the more than 1 billion users is yet to be known but what is clear as the new look Facebook news feed has given prominance to adverts in a new way that makes them harder than ever to ignore.

While the adverts may be bigger than ever Facebook have denied that the revamp of the news feed was not done because of this.

A lead engineer from Facebook told the BBC that the aim of the news feed now was to make it more appealing to users to try to make them spend longer on the site each day.

He said: “One of the consistent themes we heard in feedback from people was that it felt cluttered and that there was lot happening on the page,” he told the BBC ahead of the official announcement.

“We wanted to clean up the page, declutter it, make it simpler, more modern and easier for people to use.”

He added: “I often compare this to a 1960s television with wood panelling, knobs around it and a tiny postage stamp-sized screen – and what we’re trying to do is take that same TV and translate it into a 40in HD experience.”

There are really three main changes that have happened to the news feed on Facebook.  The first is that instead of being in three columns the news feed is now presented in two columns and prominance is given to images and videos and not to the text that describes it making it more visually appealling.

The second change is that there is now a pop out bar on the left of the page which has all the bookmarks and links displayed in it.

The final major change is that you can now customise your news feed to bring up stories that of interest to you.  You can opt to see all updates or look at a news feed from businesses and pages that you like or even choose to see a news feed that just shows pictures – its up to you.

Advertisers on the site will be eager to know if the changes will yield better results for them as the changes undoubtedly favour showing adverts in a larger way.

Businesses will also be pleased with anyone who now “likes” their page seeing updates complete with their banner and logo being added to these updates on their page making each brand easier to identify in the news feed.

Facebook have said that there could well be more changes made to the news feed in the future but that they are now waiting to hear from users and to look at their feedback before anything else is altered.

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