New Look Google Gmail for iPad And iPhone

"new gmail app for iOS"A new version of Google Gmail has been released by Google to be used on iOS devices of iPhones and iPads.

The new look Gmail now has a new user interface, fresh animations and is also capable of having multiple accounts for users on Apple products.

The 2.0 version of Gmail has been in development for around six months following criticism about the previous version which had only limited capabilities when being used on iOS devices.

The old Gmail was prone to bugs and problems when not being used on Android devices but it is hoped that this updated version of Gmail from Google will prove to be successful on iOS devices across the globe.

In a blog post by a spokesperson for Google it was written: “With version 2.0 of the app, you’ll get a totally new look and feel, plus a bunch of improvements like profile pictures in messages, numerous new animations from swivels to transitions and infinite scrolling message lists.”

The main bonus to the new version of the app is that people can now input multiple accounts with each user being able to access up to five different accounts through Gmail at the same time.

Version 2.0 of Gmail has addressed complaints by users about the original app fro Apple products and because of this new features such as better integration with Google+ is now available.

This version of Gmail also does not have the same technical glitches as seen in the past and users will no longer see the “just a roll out issue” message when trying to upgrade their existing Gmail app for the iPhone or the iPad.

When Gmail was first launched as an app it was met with a high level of criticism about many areas of the app and Google have since been working on these issues to be able to provide a cohesive, useful and attractive app that iOS device users will be likely to want to install on their iPhone or their iPad.

It appears that the new version of the Gmail app has ticked many of the boxes it failed to hit when it was first launched and it has generally been received well in the app world by users.

Sarah Perez from TechCrunch said: “The update is a solid one, especially for an app that hasn’t always impressed.”

It may not be high praise for the new Gmail app but it is a big improvement on the previous reviews and a step in the right direction for Google as they move to increase their app presence on iOS devices.



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