New Logo For Google Unveiled

"google logo update"Google have begun to roll out a fresh new look and logo for their homepage, although the changes have been slightly underwhelming for many who have found it difficult to even see a difference in the logo for the hugely popular search engine.

For those who have the new logo on first glance it will be hard to tell that there have been any changes at all from Google but a closer look will reveal that the infamous Google logo actually been reshaped slightly and a very subtle change has been made to the colour palette.

There have also been changes to the Google bar with a smaller selection of links to now be found here than before.

This is first time there has been a change in the design of the Google logo since 2010 but the changes are yet to be rolled out worldwide.

Eddie Kessler from Google wrote in a Blogpost: “If you are like me, you move among devices and Google products on a regular basis.  You might check Gmail on your phone, for instance, then organise your calendar via laptop, then browse Google+ photos from your tablet.

“Regardless of your routine, getting around Google should be seamless, and once you are inside an app, you don’t want any distractions.  So we are introducing an updated Google bar that streamlines your experience across products and devices.

“Your Google products are now accessible under a new app launcher, located at the top right of the screen. Just click on the familiar ‘Apps’ grid, also present on Android devices and Chromebooks.

“As part of this design, we’ve also refined the color palette and letter shapes of the Google logo. We’ll be rolling out this update across most Google products over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out and let us know your thoughts.”

Carolina Milanesi from Gartner, speaking to the BBC said: “I do think that there is a move to try to make Google+ more central to everything its users do.

“It might be the case that it is not obvious to some people that they need to click on the box to reveal the firm’s other services.”

Google are not the only internet giants to make changes to their design recently with both Bing and Yahoo also revealing new logos.

Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer said of the logo update for the company: “We hadn’t updated our logo in 18 years…We knew we wanted a logo that reflected Yahoo – whimsical, yet sophisticated. Modern and fresh, with a nod to our history.  Having a human touch, personal.  Proud.”




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