New eBay Layout Drawing On Pinterest Popularity

"ebay new pinterest ddesign"

eBay, the internet auction site, has now revealed a new look for its site with a Pinterest type layout.

For years eBay has been one of the most popular way for buyers and sellers to come together over the internet to exchange goods through an auction system.

However eBay has now bee redesigned to fit the needs of the current and future users with its new layout looking suspiciously like Pinterest.

With Pinterest fast becoming one of the most successful social media sites in terms of revenue eBay has become the latest site to try and harness this popularity to try and increase customer spending on their own site.

The new look eBay was announced yesterday with a statement form the business.

The eBay statement said: “The way people shop is changing, so eBay is evolving to meet changing customer needs.  The new features we are rolling out are designed to make the shopping experience on eBay easier, more enjoyable and personal.”

The new deign from eBay has been created to be a “cleaner and more contemporary and consistent experience” for users of the internet auction site which also incorporates other aspects of online shopping.

Anyone who is familiar with the Pinterest site will notice that there are many features that are very similar to the socal network site and this comes as no coincidence.

Pinterest has proved to have a design that is very compelling for users, encouraging them to explore further into the site than other designs on social networking sites and other e commerce business sites.

Although the general design of the new look eBay may be inspired by Pinterest the company is not only relying on this design to try and drive further trade through the site.

eBay is also looking at the functionality of the site to be improved as well as the general look.

Already eBay has improved the Facebook integration of the site with users and has also improved their email notifications and sign up flow.

Other new improvements to be rolled out by eBay as part of the redesign will include more features that will make the most of social media intergrations while better PayPal checking out options will also be put into place for a smoother shopping experience on eBay.

While eBay remains a very popular place for customers to do their global shopping the company needs to keep up with the markets on the internet and has to constantly be working to compete with Amazon – their biggest competitor.

With the new design layout making the site seem more sophisticated eBay will now have to wait and see if their changes will help to improve sales on the site.



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