New Automatic Video Play To Be Trialed On Facebook

"facebook new features"Social media giants Facebook have announced that they intend to trial the automatic playing of videos on the news feeds of users.

The new feature from Facebook will see any videos on the news feed of a user running automatically, although they will not feature any sound unless the video is clicked on directly by the user.

So far the service will be rolled out to a limited random selection of Facebook users to test for glitches and problems and it is not known when the company plans to roll out the video automatic play feature to everyone worldwide as yet.

It is hoped that the automatic video feature will help users to be able to see everything on their news feed more quickly and easily with the previews giving a glimpse as to the full video content.

Only videos that have been uploaded directly onto Facebook will play automatically and as yet the feature will not work for any videos that are embedded onto news feeds from sites such as YouTube.

By playing automatically users will be able to see videos without leaving the news feed or interrupting their scrolling through stories on their feed.

Currently the videos that will play automatically will only apply to friends and individuals on Facebook, bands and musicians.  There will not be automatic advertising videos playing on the news feed – yet!  but Facebook have indicated that this is something that may be open to paying advertisers in the future.

A spokesman for Facebook said: ” we are doing this to make sure we create the best possible experience.  Over time, we will continue to explore how to bring this to marketers in the future.”

This latest announcement from Facebook comes after the social media site also revealed that they were launching their very own payment system which is thought to have been created to rival the dominance of PayPal.

Users with the Facebook payment system will be able to pay for goods by simply logging on with their Facebook details and all the other details needed to buy an item from a mobile device will be completed by Facebook including all the form filling.

The mobile retail option from Facebook will be expanded by Facebook in the future with the company adding that they were dedicated to improving the mobile shopping experience of users and added that the company would not be involved in the payment processing of items.





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