National Mood Tracked By Twitter

"twitter heat maps"A new feature that allows people to be able to see how a nation is feeling using a form of Twitter heat map could have big benefits for businesses and politics according to its inventor.

The software has been created by Silicon Graphics International (SGI) based in California and it first went on trial during the 2012 US presidential elections and was then also used following hurricane Sandy.

By analysing the words used in tweets posted on to Twitter the software can then create maps which have been described as being a “Twitter Heartbeat”.

If something is trending on Twitter about a subject and it is mostly positive tweets that are being posted then the Twitter map will show areas of blue is the level of positivity is high enough.

When a subject is receiving a large amount of negative responses then the Twitter map will then glow in red to show analysts quickly and easily just how people are responding to different subjects.

The trial period of the software found that the subject of Hurricane Sandy received a large amount of negative feedback, especially along the east coast of America where the effects of the huge storm were felt most.

However it was also found that there were many positive tweets about the hurricane with many people using Twitter to make sure that friends and family were safe after the storm and then tweeting positive replies when they found that they were fine.

The largest amount of positive feeling about the hurricane was found to be from people tweeting on the west coast of America as they were the ones most likely wanting to know about how people were on the other side of the country.

According to the Herald Sun inventor Franz Aman from SGI believes that this software has a significant number of potential uses, especially for companies who are wanting to chart feedback about a product.

The heat maps could be used to rate responses to advertising campaigns and to price reductions that are brought in on certain products as well as giving feedback on how positive or negative the response of the people is towards the launch of a new product.

It is also believed that the software could be very useful when it comes to politics. Franz Aman said: “We’ve certainly seen in the US and other parts of the world, participation (with politics) is happening online now.

“The ability to motivate people on a grand scale and in real time understand what’s going on it pretty amazing.”







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