My Outsourcing Week From Hell And How One Rogue Outsourcer Can Cause So Much Damage

"Outsourcing"Internet marketing is not all plain sailing. As I write about the good it is also important to write about the bad. I have always had a team that is anywhere between 10-100 depending on the workload and that of my clients.

I have some excellent staff. A guy that has been doing my social bookmarking for years, two wonderful female European writers, a fabulous social media assistant and several other gems.

Apart from two I discovered them all on Odesk. Odesk of course is associated with low quality Indian backlinkers but there is also some real gems on there too. After all people hire me on there too 

Obviously, you have to expect that not everyone will last and that is why when I put in jobs for data entry assistants I will hire 10 and then expect 3 of them to still be with me two years later.

But what happens when someone you have trusted and has worked for you for over three years just disappears? We had a long week last week and was looking forward to five days off as it was school holidays and I live by the saying “work hard play hard”. Therefore late last Thursday my manager – who also doubles up as my virtual assistant, graphics designer and hirer and firer just leaves!

Tells me that she “doesn’t want to be a manager anymore” and leaves like that. And doesn’t assist me whatsoever with her exit and leaves me wondering what she was last working on (as it is four days before her weekly reports) and leaves everything in a complete mess.

Then I look on her blog and she posts that you must not do this as an outsourcer!

I have no idea of what staff is due in wages for the week and left without access to lots of different things. I ask her via email for a few things that I need and I never got a reply back. Just gone just like that. No chance of my five days off now that is for sure!

I also ended up working through the night changing all the passwords and emails that she had access to. Also changing those of my clients.
I am then not just left to hire new staff but also work out her movements over the last week.

A week later I have lots of new staff, fired the ones that weren’t up to scratch that she had hired and outsourced the work she did. It was tough and I put some serious hours in and none of my clients had any deadlines missed.

But if I was not used to management or didn’t have organisation knowledge then it could have been a totally different story.

What I have learnt here is that like with income streams you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. You should have one worker for different roles and then it wouldn’t be so bad if you just lost one part of your virtual team. Where as I was replacing at least five different roles in our companies.

I have now hired five staff and then if one leaves without notice I can easily replace it. I am also looking at having an assistant manager and a manager so that if one leaves the other can cover.

There will always be outsourcers’ leaving that is what happens when you have a faceless business. But when it is your manager that has worked by your side and you have treated like royalty for the last four years then you do actually feel really crushed. That they could treat you so badly and just leave you in an utter mess.

Maybe I was too trusting but who wouldn’t be when you have worked with someone on a daily basis for so long?

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