My Internet Marketing Hates and A Big Fat Rant

annoyedwomenMost people have things that annoy them and no matter how hard you try, you can never please everyone. But there are a few things in internet marketing that I hate and it makes the difference between me buying a product and not buying one.

Have a look to see if you do any of this and if you could improve your conversions by not following these methods:

1. Swearing

Why is it that so many internet marketers like to use swear words in their copy. It is offensive. I wouldn’t dream of using swear words in my copy mainly because I have people from all walks of life reading my material.

A retired lawyer is not going to appreciate me using the F Word not to mention I know my parents read my blog and ebooks!

You can easily get your point across without the need to swear.

2. Auto Videos

Like many women I multi-task. I am always doing at least two things at once and as a result auto videos scare the life out of me.

I will be surfing the internet and will have about four sales pages opened at once. Then just as I am in the middle of something that loud broad American accent comes on. Dominic will be working next to me on his laptop and again he will also jump out of his seat.

If I am checking my emails and someone has sent me an offer to one of their products it will open in a new window. I will then get back to answering my emails and then is loud Yankee accent will start and wooooo I am shocked back to life.

If a video starts on the site I will close it down and not visit it again.

I appreciate some people want to do videos instead of sales copy my only advice is that if you are then make sure it doesn’t start on its own!

3. Homemade Ecovers

For my third and final rant it has to go to the homemade ecovers. Why do people think it is acceptable to turn out the ugliest looking ebook covers rather than paying someone to make one for them!!!

I wouldn’t mind but its not like they cost hundreds of dollars is it? You can easily get them made on Fiverr for $5!!!!

And my argument always is that if the ecover looks terrible then what is the product like inside!

The question is do these things annoy you too?

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