My Big Move Onto Outlook And Embracing Change

"Moving Onto Outlook"I have never been good with change at all. I like things a certain way and can be really particular about the way things are done.

I was out for Valentine’s Day with Dominic. We went to our favourite Brazilian Buffet that does lovely meat dishes. It also does the most amazing fresh shrimps. There are also homemade garlic bread balls and a Brazilian barbeque. The barbeque is amazing because you can have as much meat (10 different ones) carved at your table and the service is amazing. And I also loved the place because the service was amazing. The owner would come to our table (because we were regulars) and welcome us and thank us for returning.

Then we walked in. It was under new ownership and had been replaced with a third rate Portuguese Buffet. They weren’t even doing Brazilian food anymore. So I sat there and ate a few bits and accepted it. Then on the way out I was cheeky enough to ask where the place had moved. Got the new details and plan to go there soon. It made me realise that the old system was so good I was not moving. I loved my Brazilian too much and would never return to the new management.

Dominic then said on the way home in the car how typical I am and that I can not embrace change. This is true on many accounts. From a music point of view I listen to Motown. I have favourite restaurants and I enjoy similar movies.

Though in business I try to embrace it a lot because things are always changing and new systems are always coming out. It got me thinking about what I use and refuse to update. My Frontpage does my HTML work for me, I use an old version of Excel & Word because I like them so much and I use Yahoo to forward my business emails to. No help desk unlike many of my fellow internet marketers.

Earlier this year my Yahoo account seemed to get worse and worse. It was constantly bouncing emails and this is something that you do not want to happen when you are answering client emails.

Therefore I made the decision to move. Where to and how? I wanted a service when having a lot of websites I could have a folder for each email address and be able to quickly reply to them.

Dominic came up with the idea of upgrading my Microsoft accounts and using Outlook to do it all for us. So that’s what we did. I handed him my laptop so he could do it for me, then I received my laptop back with all the changes already done for me!

It looks amazing and life is a breeze getting through all the emails.

This is what my DSM Publishing and my other website folders now look like:


I just have to still get my head around the more modern versions of Excel & Word. This may take a while :)

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