More Pages Means More Content – Remember Content Is King

"content is king"If you always remember the phrase, content is king, you won’t go far wrong with your internet marketing career. I can remember when it was more than enough to put up a simple blog with one page of content and then just leave it and it would continue to make money for years to come. You could say that those were the good old days but from my experience, more content means more pages and more pages means lots more money, that is what I have found from my experience anyway.

There is no doubt about it, Google now greatly favours authority websites which are basically websites and blogs which have lots of content as opposed to those which have hardly any content at all but rather than be overwhelmed by it all, this is how I look at it.

Let’s say that you used to have a number of blogs which only had four or five pages each, for each blog you had a domain name and hosting, different cpanels to log into and all manner of administration work to carry out. Now with one authority site you have a lot less to worry about, just keep on adding content on a regular basis and away you go.

It won;t take long before your website has lots of pages and because of Google’s love for these kind of sites, the pages will probably be very well ranked. You can also sleep at night because you are not breaking any rules and these site will continue to rank well for a very long time.

Another thing to remember is that there is also a big market for people who want to buy websites such as this. It is online real estate in its truest form and you would probably be surprised by how much money these authority type websites are actually sold for. Take a look on Flippa and you will see what I am talking about.

I’ll be honest with you here and say that I am over the moon that Google now favours these kind of websites, the opportunities to make money online from these authority sites has never been better, my earnings have dramatically improved anyway, so take the hint and starting adding content and pages to your website, you definitely won’t regret it.

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