Mercedes Looks To Twitter Users For New Campaign

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A new advertising campaign by Mercedes will be harnessing the power of Twitter to try to encourage younger consumers to buy the high end cars.

According to Mercedes, the multimillion pound campaign launched on Twitter will be the first in the world where Twitter users will decide the the plot for the Mercedes advertising campaign.

The first part of the groundbreaking advertising campaign will be aired on British television during an advert break between the X-Factor talent competition.

The advert from Mercedes involves a rapper who is trying to get to a secret gig and viewers of the advert will be invited to vote via Twitter for what will happen next to both him and his female companion in the advert.

After collecting the votes for the first part of the advert the result of the viewers choice through Twitter will be shown later in the show with the final part of the three part advert then being aired the next day during the X.Factor results show on Sunday evening.

David George, the managing director for Mercedes in the UK said that the new campaign had been designed to help remove the image of Mercedes as “a nice thing that you enjoy at retirement.”

Consumer research has found that the average age of a Mercedes buyer perceived to be around 45 years old but bosses at Mercedes are wanting to drop this average by at least ten years to help them to increase the sales of their Mercedes A-Class.

The Mercedes A-Class is cheaper than other models offered by Mercedes and has been designed to appealing to younger buyers with a more fashion conscious outlook.

This new type of advertising campaign using Twitter to help broaden the appeal of product is being tested in Britain.  David George explained that the trend for second screening is more developed in Britain than anywhere else in Europe.

Britain also has the largest number of Twitter users in Europe with more than 10 million people in Britain using the service, making Twitter only more popular in The US, Brazil and Japan.

Not only is the the campaign seen as a move towards a new type of campaign for Mercedes but it also shows the increasing influence of Twitter in Britain as a form of advertising and connecting with consumers.

Already the link between television and Twitter has been increasing with many shows, news programmes and adverts including references to hashtags and asking people to follow them on Twitter.




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