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ATTENTION: If you want to have a top internet marketing business but want to lazy around too there is an amazing alternative....

"Last Year I Reduced My Hours Per Week From 60 to 20 & The Best Part Is I Am Earning More & Working Even Less!!!"

I moved to sunny southern Portugal two years ago from freezing cold England for a better life in the sun. But soon after getting there I realised my hours were slowly growing and growing until they had got out of control. Then after working for 15 days flat without a day off I realised I needed to sort something out once and for all. I expanded the business without decreasing the profits and you are going to find out exactly how to do it!

From the desk of Samantha Milner,

DSM Publishing - Samantha Milner

Dear Fellow Online Business Owner,

I have discovered that there are shed loads of skills foreign workers that are sat there at their computer desks desperately waiting for you to offer them a job. They will work for you for a very low fee and the end result of work provided by them is the best you will ever find. They will work ten times harder than most people and treat you with the up most respect.

Introducing .......

"The Smart Outsourcers Bible"

To create your own outsourcing team you need to be smart - very smart. There are thousands of people waiting to work for you and you need to make sure you are very clever when you do the hiring and get the best value for money.

With the smart outsourcers bible we will show you how to reach your dream outsourcers and why so many people get their fingers burnt at the very first hurdle.

The best way to learn about any type of internet marketing is to follow a leader and with this ebook I will show you how I have built a first class outsourcing team for less than $100 a week. I am not just talking one staff member here either I am talking about several.

Just think of every part of your internet marketing business and what you teach other people to do for you.

Here is a few examples of outsourcing:

Graphics work - including custom changes to blog themes

Backlink Practices - If you are wanting to put your mark on the internet backlinking is one of the most important parts and time consuming ones too!

Blog Posting - Blog posting can take a lot of time up and having someone else just to upload your blog posts can make an amazing difference to your work load!

General Submission Jobs - With internet marketing you can spend your lifetime submitting to directories. Whether it is social bookmarking or press releases the jobs can mount up!

Social Media Assistance - Social media is huge and for building our brand we need them all the time. The only problem is how much time you need to put in to this sector. By hiring an assistant to manage this for you can free up so many hours per week.

What I have learnt since I started outsourcing my business is that we all have different needs and ambitions. What will work for me might be the total opposite of what you want from your business.

This is what is so good about this ebook as it caters for everyone. It is also extremely thought provoking making you realise the need to hire the right staff for you. Even if you have been working in just one niche and have notebooks full of niches you want to target this is your ideal chance....

By freeing up your time you can then use your time more productively and use your spare time to create new products. You will then be working on things that actually make you money rather than the repetitive daily tasks you usually have in store.

Hello Samantha,

I just wanted to give a big thumbs up to the smart outsourcers bible.

There are many outsourcing products doing the rounds at the moment but none of them are as down to earth as yours. I feel like I am getting a piece of you when I read your ebooks and this one is absolutely no different.

The content is fantastic and after reading it I have gone off and starting building my online team just as you have suggested.

I simply can not wait to see the results!

Sara Ward, England,

Hey Samantha,


I continually hear and read that outsourcing is a vital component of growing a business, but until recently I had no idea what it involved.

After reading The Smart Outsourcers Bible I now feel confident enough to apply your proven outsourcing steps to my business.

Your ebook is packed with information on why you should outsource, what to outsource, how to outsource and who to use.


In addition, you give clear step by step guidelines on how to apply all this amazing information. It's like having direct access to your very own outsourcing expert!

I took action after just three hours of reading The Smart Outsourcers Bible and I outsourced all my blog commenting. I look forward to freeing up even more of my time so that I can concentrate on what I'm best at; product creation!


Keidi Keating, Spain

Find quality hard working staff for as little as $0.56 per hour and these are top workers that will provide you with a top service. They are used to working in banks that pay them less than $0.30 an hour so for you to offer them the flexibility of working from home is a dream come true for them.

All you have to do is find the staff and then treat them like pure gold. You will then have the opportunity to form long term relationships with them and have a fantastic work force.

The smart outsourcers bible is split up into the following sections:

The Outsourcing Basics - What you need to know before you start your outsourcing adventure!

Planning Your Outsourcing - Exactly what you need to plan prior to starting your outsourcing hiring. This is when the very fine important details are discussed.

Setting Up Your Outsourcing - This is when I show you exactly how to set up your outsourcing account and go through all the important bits and pieces.

Building An Outsourcing Team - This is when I show you how to build a huge team for less than $100 a week. In fact if you are on a budget this chapter shows you how to get your staff moving for just $15!

Outsourcing Income Streams - If you are wanting to build income streams after income stream this section of the bible is perfect for you. It shows you how to profit from your outsourcers and increase your business at the exact same time!!!

Because I don't want people to make the same mistakes as I have done I have disclosed all my top outsourcing mistakes. Not only will they make you laugh and cry at the same time, but they will also remind you not to make the same mistakes.

To make it balance itself out, I have also included my top outsourcing tips that I am sure you will thoroughly enjoy reading!


If you would like to plan your very own outsourcing team and have a step by step ebook to show you how to do it, then the smart outsourcers bible is perfect for you.

Best Wishes.


Samantha Milner,


P.S. Remember you owe it to yourself to free up your time and give your profits a new push!

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