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"It Took Me Longer To Write This Page Than It Did To Put Together My Latest Mini Launch Which Landed Several Thousand Dollars Into My PayPal Account!

But here's the really good news....

I've got no less than THREE real-life examples of successful mini launches that I'm going to show you  - real websites that you can see in action, and discover exactly how I'm earning thousands of dollars from them.

But best of all - I will show you how you can do the same...

From The Portuguese Balcony Of Samantha Milner:

DSM Publishing - Samantha Milner

Dear Internet Marketer,


"Mini Launch Profits"


Firstly you are probably wondering what Mini Launch Profits actually are......

Mini launch Profits is just a fancy title for a method I've used for some time now were I put together small websites using techniques I know will generate income. I originally started following this method after escaping eBay and creating my own websites.


They're the nearest thing I have to a cash on demand' where you put the PayPal button on a webpage and bingo you have money sat in your PayPal account. Fair enough a little more effort is required but a newcomer to this could have five new products set up everyday without any hassle.


Most importantly not one of my mini launch profit systems has failed to make me money online.

But there's another reason why some people might be interested in mini launches...

Because This Is The Method I Would Use To Start My Own Online Business If I Was Over Worked With Lots Of Kids To Think About.

One of my customers is a single mother with six kids and has a full time job. She once came to me saying that she was confused by how many different online opportunities are available and didn't have a clue where to start.

I therefore introduced her to my mini launch methods and she hasn't looked back since. It is so good because it doesn't require that much of your time and the outlay is lower than you would ever dream of.

It's a long time since my time was so precious that a couple of hours over a week would have meant such a difference to me. Now if I have a new product coming out I will put the hours in but apart from this I get the chance to enjoy my time and take it easy.

Just think if you followed the systems in this e-book you will have the opportunity to do the same, quit your job and enjoy your family time.

The truth is this is no way to live and I am offering you the easy way out!

When you start an online business while you are working it is very hard but this system will make it so easy for you. Once you have started to follow this method it will be like you are enjoying a stroll in the park without a care or worry in the world. In other words your life will feel like you are in control of it for once.

Through Mini Launch Profits I am offering you an amazing workable solution without all the rubbish that is associated with internet marketing. There will be no silly dictated information just meaty content for you to get your teeth straight into.

To make it even better for you I have included three real life examples so that you can get the full picture without feeling like you just don't get it.

I will start by showing you where to go to source your products right through to creating your very own mini launch profits. Basically you are getting theory and practice in the very same e-book. I will even show you where I get my products from for free and this really is the gold that you have been constantly digging for.

The best part of the mini launch profits for me is that the formula can be re-created very easily within a couple of hours. There is no mailing list required or affiliate marketing just a pure system that WORKS.

I love this e-book more than any other that I have created because you simply don't have to spend hours slaving away.

I will also cover the following:

How mini launches bring me hundreds of dollars every single month

How to set up a mini launch in a couple of hours

Why not having your own product doesn't matter

Where to get your products that most people wouldn't even dream of

What you won't need to create a mini launch

My secret method for selling my mini products

Once you have the mini launch profits formula there is absolutely no reason why you can't follow it over and over again. I am simply teaching you how to take control of your life and have monies landing into your PayPal account over and over again.

Extra Special Bonus

Buy Mini Launch Profits Today and get your own copy of this wonderful template along with your own sales letter, banners and e-book covers.

Then all you have to do is upload it onto your server and you can start selling it instantly!

What more could you possibly need?

To Your Online Success




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