5 Ways to Make Your Blog Posts More Social

"social media for blogs"Creating useful content that readers will enjoy is the best way to build a popular blog. The tricky part of blogging is getting people to not only read your posts, but share them and leave useful comments. As much as you love your current audience, it’s essential to constantly draw in new readers. Social networks offer plenty of tools that you can use to build loyal readership and attract visitors to your blog. Sharing content from your blog via social media create brand awareness, attract potential customers, and increase traffic.

Here are five ways to make your blog posts more social:

Social Sharing Buttons

You just wrote an awesome blog post and your readers now much knowledgeable. Let them share your content and spread the word by adding social sharing buttons on your blog. Use a widget or plugin to add buttons for the most popular social media sites. You should include social sharing buttons “above the fold” on all relevant pages. Discreet but cleverly placed social buttons strike the perfect balance between content and marketing.

Be the Resource Your Customers Need

What’s your customers’ main concern? What are their needs and wishes? Your blog is not your business, it’s about your readers. If you want to build a solid customer base and attract loyal readers, you need to create content that helps your prospects succeed. When you write valuable posts, other bloggers will cite your work and share it on social networks, Google and other search engines will reward your content because of its longevity.

Share Your Posts on Twitter

Twitter is a great way to let people know about your latest posts. This popular social network has an “Embedded Tweet” feature that allows you to incorporate any tweet into your blog. Once the embedded tweet is displayed, users can follow you, read your message, retweet your posts, and even reply to your tweet.

Post Attractive Images

Internet users are sharing pictures more than ever before. The people who visit your blog are more likely to scan, read and share your post if it has an eye catching image. They will take that picture and post it to Facebook or pin in on Pinterest.

Publish More Content

Most bloggers don’t publish content frequently enough. It’s difficult to build loyal readership when you publish content once in a while. While you don’t have to write content as often as big news blogs, you should come up with something new at least twice a week.

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