List Building and Badly Converting Sales Pages

"high conversion rate"No matter how great your site looks, it won’t attract any buyers unless you have a good sales page. Many online marketers focus solely on increasing the number of visitors they have without putting too much effort into creating successful sales pages that convert. Your conversion rate indicates the number of prospects who complete a desired action on your site, such as buying a product or joining your mailing list. A successful sales page will help you get a high conversion rate.

Here are a few simple techniques on how to create effective sales pages that generate profit and attract subscribers:

Write Eye Catching Headlines

A striking headline should address the problem and offer a solution. Try to create compelling headlines that focus on your customers. Include relevant keywords and address directly to the buyer using “you” or “your” instead of “I” and “we.” Your headline must promise readers an intriguing result if they’ll stick around and read the whole page.

Build Trust

People trust big companies and famous brands. If you check out some of the popular websites out there, you’ll see that they have logos of accepted credit cards, as well as SSL certificate logos, Better Business Bureau logos and other credibility indicators. Many of them have gotten good press from major news organizations like CNN, NBC, and USA Today. People buy products endorsed by reputable companies. Make your sales page credible by offering quality products that have been featured in magazines, newspapers and other media.

Share Personal Experiences

Stories work wonderfully in sales pages. For example, if you promote a weight loss product, you can share “before and after” stories. Let people know how much you’ve struggled to lose weight before trying a particular product. It’s important to show why your solution is the best one. Those who read your story will join your list and subscribe to your newsletter to find out more.

Include a Call to Action

Your sales page should contain a powerful call to action. It could be to buy your products, subscribe to your list, or send you an email. People need to be directed through your website step-by-step. Some may not buy anything from you in the first few days or weeks. If you get their email address, you can persuade them to buy and gain their trust through your newsletter. Building your list is even more important than making an immediate sale.

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