Life Sized Pinterest Launched In New Zealand

"real life pinterest"Social media platform Pinterest has taken a step into the real world in New Zealand with the countries first life sized Pinterest event taking place at a shopping centre.

Pinterest is known as being a place where people can gather inspirational images into one place and then pin them onto boards.  Pictures are linked to websites to allow users more information including where to buy items, details of how to make items and other useful information.  Now the Pinterest theme is being taken out of cyber space and into reality for the first time in New Zealand.

The largest shopping centre in New Zealand, The Base, will be bringing Pinterest into the shopping centre in November and allowing shoppers to make their own real boards in the shop with the theme of the inspiration being “summer”

Angela Young, the marketing manager at The Base, said: “We are excited to launch My Real Life Pinterest for the first time in New Zealand, right here at The Base and engage with our public in a away that hasn’t been done before.”

Summer time in New Zealand also includes the Christmas season so the shoppers are being asked to make up real life Pinterest boards with their Christmas wish lists.

This is just another example of how the virtual retail industry is working with the high street shopping industry to create new experiences for shoppers.

The shoppers who create the Pinterest boards in New Zealand will have the chance to win the items that they pin onto their boards within the five minute deadline and the competition is open to everyone around the country.

The entire event has been designed to fully integrate the online and offline shopping experience for people and demonstrates how retailers are working to find ways to attract shoppers away from their computers in the run up to Christmas.

Being as Pinterest is such a visual social media platform it is something that can translate well into the real world using the same basic principles of pinning interesting images onto a board to create an overall effect and to remind a shopper about the items that they are interested in.

Online shopping has been growing in popularity year on year and this Christmas more gifts than ever before are expected to be bought online with the industry being worth billions of dollars around the world.


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