Let Your Content Tell A Story About You

"Let Your Content Tell A Story About You"One of the benefits of a blog is that it not only allows you to inform your clients on the products or features of your business, but it also allows you to develop a relationship with your clients. While you may not actually be conversing with your clients, in a way, you are. You see, your blog posts are kind of like your conversation with your clients. You tell them something in the post and they can then respond to your ideas by commenting on your post. So you see, it truly is like a conversation.

Since a blog really does allow you to develop a relationship with your clients, you should really consider letting your posts tell a story about you. After all, while a blog is a great tool for driving traffic to your business, it really is a “web log,” or a digital diary; and what do you write in a diary? You write a story about yourself.

So, how can you tell a story about yourself through the content on your Web site? It’s actually really easy. Think about the topic that you are going to be discussing in a blog post; then think of how that topic relates to you. For example, if you have a Web site that is in the baby niche and you are going to discuss potty training in one of your posts, talk about how you handled potty training with your child. Or, if you have a Web site in the gardening niche and you are going to talk about planting a shade garden, talk about what you planted in your shade garden. I am sure that you get the idea.
If you compose content that tells a story about who you are, your experiences and your ideas, then you are going to let your clients have a look at the real you. When your clients have an idea of who the real you is, they are going to really develop a sense of trust in you – and this means that you are going to, of course, boost your success and your income.

So the next time you compose a blog post, put a little bit of yourself in it. Share a story about how the topic you are discussing really has impacted your life, how a product has benefited or how you went about doing something. You will be surprised by how powerful letting a bit of the real you in the content of your Web site will really help to boost your success.

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